Dave Bautista Net Worth - Income And Earnings As A Former Wrestler And Movie Star

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Dave Bautista Net Worth
$16 Million

Dave Bautista's net worth of $16 million includes his earnings from WWE and acting career. Image Source: Dave Bautista's Instagram.

Birth Name David Michael Bautista
Birth place Washington DC, U S
Profession Actor, Wrestler
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Capricorn

Dave Bautista is a well-known celebrity and a star who has worked in multiple careers that he has joined during his entire career history. Throughout it all, including a surmountable amount of ups and downs, Dave Bautista has managed to reach a point in his life where the money is of no issue. In fact, because Dave Bautista's net worth has been estimated at a grand of $16 million, he could live a comfortable and relaxed retired life, if he wanted to.

But Dave is a person of passion and commitment, and he has also decided to do what he wants in his life, and fans want to know the same. What exactly did Dave Bautista do that helped him earn so much money and what exactly are his sources of income? Well, look no further, coz' the answer's right here.

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Dave Bautista Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As stated, Dave Bautista's net worth has been estimated at a grand of $16 million, all of which he has accumulated throughout his years of career. His expertise and experience in the fields involved were top-notch and very few could actually compete with him. Now, with hundreds of thousands of fans all around the world, Dave Bautista is a well-known actor and a fighter who is always fun to watch. Dave, in his more than two-decade-old career history, has gone through several ups and downs, and now with such a fortune, if he wants, he could live a happy and comfortable retired life.

But how did this fighter turned actor, manage to make all of his wealth and fortune, and what are his sources of income? If you want to know the answer, make sure to read till the end.

Earning From His Career As A Fighter

Dave Bautista started out no more than a bodyguard who later, to solve financial issues, joined in the world of wrestling and fighting. In the beginning, Dave joined the WWF in 1999, and according to The Richest, Dave managed to earn a grand sum of $1 million in that year alone. Continuing on, Dave started learning different forms of martial arts from excellent teachers and used the tricks he learned to dominate the ring all under the name 'Leviathan'. By 2002, Dave, now known as 'Deacon Bautista' had won quite a few fights and soon, joined the WWE fray.

Starting from 2004, Dave started earning an annual $813,000 a year from his WWE career and the same in 2006 before the amount decreased even more. In 2007, Dave Bautista's salary for the year was no more than $500,000. Dave continued his WWE career up until 2013 but made a small comeback in 2018, and quitting again in 2019. 

Income From Acting Career

Aside from being known in the ring, Dave is also gaining a lot of popularity from Hollywood fans as Dave makes a fulltime career as an actor. Starting from 2009, Dave Bautista had been appearing as a cameo in several shows and movies, but his big break and earning came only after the Scorpion King 3 in 2012, for which he received a salary of $693,000. His salary than on, in the movies, Guardians of The Galaxy, Spectre, Drug Dealer #1 were at $1,400,000, $1,000,000, and $1,700,000 respectively.

While his acting roles were well-known, his biggest career hit, came from GOTG where he appeared as Drax, and while making appearances in the Marvel films therein, Dave would make a similar amount as his salary. His latest movie MySpy also went hit in the box office and earned more than $5 million worldwide, and the salary for Bautista wasn't short either.

Video Game Earnings

A famous celebrity in a form of sport is bound to have some games in which he was mentioned at least, right? Video games and sports seem to go hand in hand as game developers love integrating the thrill of WWE matches in a safer simulated environment, and what better way to do so than to have the fighters themselves voice the characters in the game.

Throughout his career, following his success in WWE, Dave had become a well-known celebrity and was approached by game devs to voice the characters. Of course, he did not deny the request and made quite a bit of money in the process. Starting from 2003, Dave Bautista has given the voice to his character in 14 different WWE related games, all of which were huge hits, and to this day, have helped him earn over a million dollars.


Dave Bautista has become a well-known celebrity in movies and in the ring, and for good reason. While Dave is still single as of now, there were three points in time, when Dave was married. The names of Dave Bautista's wives were Glenda Fe Bautista, Angie Lewis, and Sarah Jade, and among these women, Glenda also became the mother of two of Dave Bautista's children while Angie became the mother of one. Sadly, however, the weddings did not last too long, and after a few years the couple would split up.

While his entire history and lifestyle are a little confusing and too much to handle at times, all of these can also be read in Dave Bautista's autobiography titled Bautista Unleashed which is available on Amazon for $19.99 on paperback.

Dave Bautista book

Aside from this, Dave now continues to spend his time with his friends or at the gym and makes sure to share these moments on his Instagram handle. While fans were saddened upon the divorce of his wives, there are still a huge number of fans who hope for Bautista to get as much luck in finding a woman, as he is with finding opportunities.

Facts And Trivia

  • Dave Bautista was born on January 18th of 1969.
  • Is of Phillipino descent while also having Greek ancestors on his mother's side.
  • Collects Steel Lunchboxes.

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