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eCelebritySpy.com is the latest and relevant celebrity entertainment, news and information platform. Our goal is to provide satisfying, reliable, factual and entertaining information about the favorite, successful, growing and new celebrities throughout the world.

eCelebritySpy’s list of celebrities include Movie Stars, TV Stars, Reality TV Stars, YouTubers, Journalists, All Genre Singers, Rappers, WWE Stars and Corporate Celebrities.

Our information in any category whether news, entertainment, net worth or wikis are thoroughly researched and are based on trusted and reliable sources along with the celebrity’s social media platform.

Being a privately held Asia and U.S. based digital marketing and Media Company, eCelebritySpy has a capable team of hard-working, smart and dedicated individuals consisting of the Website Designer and Developer, Content Researchers, SEO Experts, Journalists, Photographers, Editors, and Content Writers. Our team loves to entertain and enjoys working together in researching and developing the reliable and original celebrity’s entertaining content.


While doing so, we have no intention in hurting, humiliating or causing any kind of disturbances in anybody’s personal lives. We have no aim to publish fake news or provide misinformation.

eCelebritySpy.com has a total of five categories;


In this category, we focus in providing trending news, the content of which are factual and based on original sources.


In this category, you will read and get a chance to peak on your favorite celebrities’ life, their relationships, family, rumors and success stories. While sharing personal life information, we have no intention to cause any disturbances in anyone’s personal lives. The content is backed by linked authorized sources.


Net Worth

In this category, you will get information on how rich are your favorite celebrities and learn about their lifestyle.  In other words, you will get information on celebrities net worth highlighting their income, salary, real estate and properties, business, endorsements, divorce settlement, partnerships along with current goodwill.




As the name itself suggests, this category gives you brief bio of the celebrities. You can know about the celebrities’ childhood, family, education, career, relationships, achievements and upcoming projects.



Our Articles category focuses on providing number of interesting facts on celebrities. The facts will be anything related with celebrities and would be interesting and unknown to the readers. Also, we aim to provide useful information to our readers on variety of topics related with health, beauty, lifestyle, and travel.

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