Here Are Five Top Rappers Who Turned Actors/Actress

BY EWON Updated on 18 March, 2021

Rappers turning into actors

Every rapper who steps their feet in the film industry doesn't become professional actors. To get adapted from one profession to another is obviously a hard one. There are plenty of rappers who have tried to shine doing films and movies but only a few have succeeded to do so.

Well, rappers who have shined becoming actors/actresses have gained huge fame and name for their extraordinary talents. So, here are the five top rappers who turned themselves into actors and have appeared as different characters and films and movies.

Will Smith

Will Smith has never failed to entertain people with his raps and the phenomenal movies he's done. He is one of the most successful rappers of all time when it comes to rapping with no cursing at all. Will has won over 4 Grammy Awards for his "Best Rap Performance." 

Will Smith as an actor

After taking hip-hop and raps to the next level during his era, he started getting roles for films. He gave many fantastic performances in many movies. And after that Will engraved his name as one of the top actors of Hollywood. 

We can see astonishing acts of Will Smith in Bad Boys, Men In Black, Independence Day, Wild Wild West, etc. He surely turned his career upside down with huge fame consistently.

Ice Cube

O'Shea Jackson, professionally known as Ice Cube is an American rapper and actor. There's not a single doubt that he has had a paramount success when it comes to films. His debut film Boyz n the Hood shows how destined he was for big things.

Ice Cube as an actor

First of all, Ice Cube started his career as a member of the hip hop group C.I.A. Then he grouped along with Dr. Dre and Eazy E and formed the group, N.W.A. The rapper then embarked on his solo career after leaving the group. 

He transitioned into films where his popularity was even more enhanced from Boyz n the Hood. O'Shea has been featured in lots of films such as Barbershop, Ride Along, and XXX film series. Thus, the rapper turned himself into a professional actor.

Queen Latifah

Dana Elaine Owens aka Queen Latifah has slain everyone with her music as well as acting career. She can smack dab in the middle of hardcore rap mostly run by men because she could compete with any rapper. 

Queen Latifah's legacy is intact and solidified too. Perhaps, she wanted to try something new with her career. So, she went on to become an actress. With no doubt, she flourished her acting in films and TV shows.

Queen Latifah as an actress

You are going to fall in love after you see her play Khadijah on Living Single. She has also appeared in Set It Off, Taxi, Chicago, Last Holiday and Girls Trip. She was also nominated for Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in Chicago

50 Cent

Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent is also one of the greatest hip hop and rap artist. His debut album Get Rich or Die Tryin' is arguably one of the best album of all time.

50 Cent as an actor

The rapper made his acting debut in "Get Rich Or Die Tryin" in 2005. Since then, he has done a phenomenal job of doing natural acts in films and movies. Some of the movies where 50 Cent has appeared are Den Of Thieves, All Things Fall Apart, Freelancers, Before I Self Destruct and many more. 



Eve Jihan Jeffers-Cooper aka Eve has been able to remain consistent in the world of rapping and acting as well. She has collaborated with famous music artists like Alicia Keys, DMX, and Gwen Stefani.

Eve as an actress

Similarly, she has done top-notch actings in the film line. She did not disappoint but became more proliferate in the acting. Eve has appeared in Barbershop, Barbershop 2: Back In Business and Barbershop: The Next Cut

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Published on 14 July, 2019

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