Where Is Bobby DeBarge's Brother Tommy DeBarge Now?

BY EWON Updated on 18 March, 2021

Tommy DeBarge and his low-key life

Bobby DeBarge's brother, Thomas Keith DeBarge aka Tommy DeBarge seems to be living a life far from media and cameras. He does not show up very often anywhere. He may have personal reasons for living a very low-profile life. 

Thomas Keith DeBarge is the member of the DeBarge family and was born on September 5, 1957. Like every family members of his, he was also engaged in the musical industry. Tommy grew up to become a recording artist, vocalist, and author. Since his father and siblings were victims of drug abuse and sexual activities, he had a struggling childhood.

Is Tommy DeBarge Hiding From Media?

Bobby DeBarge's brother, Tommy DeBarge seems to have lost interest in his music career with his aging. The singer may have some particular reasons to be away from the media and limelight. Perhaps, he wants to pursue a common life. 

Tommy DeBarge and his quiet life

Tommy has accomplished to gain fame and name back then during his young days. With his past career, he has been able to gather up a net worth of $350,000. Although Tommy had rough days back then, he might want to have a peaceful life at the very moment.

Tommy DeBarge's Career

As mentioned earlier, Tommy DeBarge was a recording artist and vocalist. He was so much into the music that he had extreme luck to gain popularity as a music artist. 

In the late 1970s, Bobby DeBarge and his brother, Tommy DeBarge rose to fame as members of the R&B group Switch. The band's two albums became a million-selling success which was a rocketing career for Tommy. 

Tommy DeBarge and Bobby DeBarge

Similarly, Tommy DeBarge is an author and also has published an autobiography "There'll Never Be: A Story of Forgiveness" that costs $28. 

About Tommy DeBarge's Family

Like many celebrities, Tommy has had many wives in his life. According to the online sources, he was married thrice. 

Tommy DeBarge and his family

His first wife was Yolanda aka Duckie. Then, he was also in a marriage relationship with Tracey and Monique. Since Tommy is living a quiet life, it's hard to know about his current family status. 

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