Find Out About Chris Soules' Wife. Had Called Off His Engagement With Whitney Bischoff

BY NIHAL BHANDARY Updated on 12 March, 2021

Chris Soules is an American Tv personality. Photo Source: Getty Images.

The Bachelors' star Chris Soules is an American reality television personality and a farmer. He was in the spotlight for so long and shared intimate on-screen scenes with his co-star, Whitney Bischoff. This transformed into off-screen romance, and the couple got engaged in March of 2015. However, things didn't work out, and the pair called it quits before she could be Chris Soules' wife. As of now, Chris' relationship status remains undisclosed.

Born in Arlington, Iowa on the 6th of November, Chris Soules is the only son of Gary and Linda Soules. He spends his time farming in his huge acres of land as well as helping his father. Prior to dating his ex-fiance, Chris dated his college sweetheart named, Sheena Schreck. However, they broke apart because of settlement inconvenience.

Is Chris Soules Married?

The charming, talented TV star, Chris Soules' relationship status is currently single, now, much to ladies' delight. Heads up female fans!  Chris Soules, the fan's favorite in The Bachelorette, got international prominence after his charming appearance on the show.

Chris Soules and Andi Dorfman

Soules finished in third place in the first season he appeared, after expressing his love to Andi Dorfman. However, Andi admitted to Chris Soules that the idea of living in his little farm in Iowa sounded impractical. Since the foundation was sloppy, things ended, but on good and respectful terms. Chris Soules' ex-girlfriend, Andi, truly loved him but didn't want him to make sacrifices for her.

Was Engaged Previously

The television personality, Chris Soules was engaged two times before. Nonetheless, his bond with his co-star from The Bachelors', Whitney Bischoff, is more under the media limelight than his previous one. The ex-couple of Soules and Bischoff got engaged in the month of March 2019. However, Chris' ex-fiance called off their wedding in the same year of the engagement.

Chris Soules and Andy Dorfan

While Whitney met her future husband, Ricky Angel, tied her marital knot with him and welcomed a baby, Chris remained single. Chris Soules isn't married to anyone as of now, but that doesn't stop rumors from hovering.

According to ABC Prior to his relationship with the Illinois resident, Whitney Bischoff, he was engaged to another woman named Sheena Schreck. Chris Soules' then-girlfriend who he had been dating for more than 7 years got engaged to him. Nonetheless, Sheena unexpectedly called off the wedding and broke off the engagement because she wanted to move to California. Chris seems to wanna marry someone who would be willing to live with him in his tiny, desolate town of Arlington. Sheena couldn't comply with that, and hence the relationship inevitably went down the gutter. It looks like Chris' insecurity about leaving his hometown is a huge hindrance to his relationship.

Dating Rumors

After four years of Chris Soules being tight-lipped about his relationship, the dating rumors have surfaced. It looks like Andi Dorfman, Chris' ex-girlfriend is giving him another chance. According to HollywoodLife, the pair were spotted on what appeared to be a date in New York City. And it was on Chris' birthday, (6th November 2019) Chris reportedly even got flirty and went on to chat for hours with her. 

Chris Soules reunion with Andy Dorfman

So, is this reunion going to spark something between Chris and a former attorney, Andi Dorfman, or is it just another casual celebrity date? If Andy really is to be Chris Soules' future wife, we wish the best for their future relationship. After three unfortunate breakups and amongst woes outside his lovelife, he really does deserve a good life ahead of him.

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Published on 08 December, 2019

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