Don't Miss Anything About Dirk Blocker's Wife Danielle Aubuchon. Married Since 1990

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Danielle Aubuchon is an actress who is married to actor Dirk Blocker. Image Source: Getty Images.

Mostly known as Dirk Blocker's wife, Danielle Aubuchon is also an actress. She has been married to Dirk Blocker since the 3rd of November 1990. Dirk Blocker is also a well-known actor who has worked in various movies and series.

Having been married for more than 29 years, Dirk Blocker and his partner Danielle Aubuchon seem to be living a happy life together. Let's know more about Danielle Aubuchon.

Danielle Aubuchon Is An Actress

As mentioned previously, Dirk Blocker's wife, Danielle Aubuchon is an actress. She has appeared in movies and series such as The Lyon's Den, Made in Heaven, and more. She has also appeared in an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, where her husband Dirk Blocker plays the role of Hitchcock. 


Although Danielle Aubuchon's net worth has not been revealed yet, her husband Dennis Dirk Blocker's net worth is estimated at $3 million. Looking at their Instagram account, it seems like the couple is living a comfortable lifestyle. 

Danielle Aubuchon Was Born Into A Family Involved In The Film Industry

Danielle Aubuchon's father is actor Jaques Aubuchon who has worked in movies and series such as Man Against Crime, The Silver Chalice, Thunder Road, and many more. She has two brothers named Remi Aubuchon and Philippe Aubuchon. Remi Aubuchon is a producer who is known for his works on 24, Falling Skies, and more. As for her other brother, Philippe Aubuchon is a musician.

Danielle is also the aunt of Guillaume Aubuchon, who is a Production Manager/Producer. It seems like she was born into an artistic family, most of whom have chosen the film industry for their career.

Love Life of Danielle Aubuchon and Dirk Blocker

As mentioned above, Danielle Aubuchon and Dirk Blocker got married on the 3rd of November 1990. Having been married for 29 years and more, it seems like the couple's love has not fizzled. They seem to share a strong bond together.

Danielle Aubuchon's husband

Dirk Blocker and Danielle Aubuchon often post pictures of each other on their Instagram accounts (@dirkblocker and madagnes21). The married couple encourages their fans and followers to support and donate to various charitable organizations such as Libere and more. They can also be seen going on dates on various occasions, and the married couple is living a happy life together. 

Dirk Blocker and Danielle Aubuchon also have two children, although their identity has not yet been revealed. It seems like the couple's children are living a low key life out of the media limelight. 

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Published on 17 January, 2020

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