Who Is Emma Booth's Husband Dominick Joseph Lunar? Were Secretly Married

BY SMRITI Updated on 12 March, 2021

Emma Booth and Dominick Joseph Lunar got married in 2013.

Australian actress Emma Booth and musician Dominick Joseph Lunar have been married since 2013. The couple secretly eloped in Vegas and got married in A Little White Wedding Chapel. 

Emma Booth is a model and actress born on November 28, 1982, in Perth, Australia. She is most known for her work in Hounds of Love, Glitch, and The Gloaming. As for Emma Booth's husband, Dominick Joseph Lunar is a musician of the rock and indie genre born in Los Angeles, USA.

More about Dominick Joseph Lunar

As mentioned earlier, Emma Booth's husband Dominick Joseph Lunar is a musician born and raised in Los Angeles, USA. He is a singer, songwriter and produces music of the Indie and Rock genre. Since starting his music career, Dominick has traveled to various countries sharing his music.

Emma Booth's husband Dominick Joseph Lunar

The musician was the previous owner of Ascension Records. He is a member of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, also known as ASCAP. 

The Love Life Of Emma and Dominick

Emma Booth and her husband Dominick Joseph got secretly married in 2013. The news of their marriage was only revealed a year and a half later through Emma's Instagram account. The pair got married in Vegas in A Little White Wedding Chapel which has been a popular site for many quick celebrity marriages. The wedding was a small affair with only close family members present.

Emma Booth and Dominick Joseph Lunar's Wedding.

The couple still seems to have a close bond with each other. In various interviews, Emma Booth has said that Dominick is her best friend. They also go camping and on road trips while they stay in LA. Looking at their Instagram accounts, we can see that the couple travels to different places while they have time away from work.

Emma and her husband have now been married for more than five years. Although they have been married for a long time, the pair don't seem to be in any rush to have children. There also seems to be no bad gossip or rumors of them in the media. The married couple like to spend their free time together and can also be seen together in various movie premiers and events. They frequently come to their social media accounts to express their love for each other.

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Published on 20 October, 2019

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