Facts About The Talented Emerging Canadian Actor Kyle Harrison Breitkopf

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Kyle Breitkopf is a well-known rising actor. Image Source: Getty Images.

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf is a young and emerging actor born on the 13th of July 2005 in Canada. Despite being very young, Kyle has worked in several movies and TV series. Here are some facts about Kyle Harrison Breitkopf.

Kyle Harrison Breitkopf Is Named After Harrison Ford

The rising actor Kyle Harrison Breitkopf was named after Harrison Ford as they were born on the same date (July 13th.) Harrison Ford is a well-known actor mostly known for his work as Han Solo from the original in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Kyle Breitkopf's info

Named after an actor, Kyle Breitkopf has also chosen this career path. 

Kyle Breitkopf Started Acting From A Young Age

Kyle Breitkopf began his acting career at the age of 4 when he showed interest in a film production being shot near his home. 

Kyle Breitkopf's career

When he turned six, Kyle Breitkopf was cast in the role of Barker Simmons in the Fox feature "Parental Guidance", where he worked alongside Billy Crystal, Bette Midler, and more. Thanks to his great skills, Kyle has also been nominated for various awards. So, in the upcoming days, we can imagine Kyle Harrison Breitkopf's net worth being a grand one.

Kyle Breitkopf Is Interested In Music

The talented Kyle Breitkopf is also very interested in music and has learned how to play guitars and drums and posts pictures and videos of himself playing these instruments on his Instagram account.

Kyle Breitkopf playing drums

Kyle Breitkopf has also done a live gig with Cardinal Street.

An Animal Lover

Kyle Breitkopf seems to love animals. He often posts pictures of himself with various rescue animals on his Instagram account (@kylebreitkopf). He also encourages his followers to adopt and follow the #adoptnotshop movement.

Kyle Breitkopf's info

Kyle Breitkopf has also adopted a cat, which he named Goose.

Interested In Various Sports

The multitalented actor Kyle Breitkopf is also interested in various sports. He has won a gold medal in the Canadian Indoor Archery Nationals.

Kyle Breitkopf's info

Kyle Breitkopf also likes to skate.

Kyle Breitkopf Is Also A Voice Actor

Well, Kyle has not only acted on screen but is also a voice actor. His recent works include the TV series PJ Masks which started airing in 2015.

Kyle Breitkopf voice acting

In PJ Masks, Kyle Breitkopf has worked with Addison Holley, Juan Luis Bonilla, and many more. 

Has Three Sisters

Kyle Breitkopf has three sisters. Two of their names have not been revealed, however, one of them is named Kaelyn Breitkopf.

Kyle Breitkopf's sisters

Kaelyn Breitkopf is also an actress and is known for her work in Beyond The Sun, Wonder, Puppets, and many more. 

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Published on 06 January, 2020

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