Facts About Vanessa Bell Calloway's Daughter Ashley Calloway

BY SMRITI Updated on 12 March, 2021

Ashley Calloway is an actress and owner of Regency West. Image Source: Twitter

Ashley Calloway is the first of the two daughters born to actress and director Vanessa Bell Calloway and Tony Calloway. Here are some facts about Vanessa Bell Calloway's daughter Ashley. 

Ashley Calloway Is An Actress

The actress and director Vanessa Bell Calloway's kid, Ashley Calloway is also an actress. She has worked in the movies Crimson Tide and Inland Empire, and the TV Series documentary Unsung Hollywood.

Ashley Calloway's acting career

She had also worked in the TV series Baldwin Hills.

She Is The Eldest Child

Ashley Calloway is the eldest of the two daughters born to Vanessa Bell Calloway and Tony Calloway. She was born in 1990.

Ashley Calloway's sister Alexandra Calloway

Ashley has a younger sister named Alexandra Calloway.

Ashley Is The Owner of Regency West

The gorgeous Ashley Calloway is the owner of Recency West in Leimert Park. This venue became a staple for the Afro-American community for events, parties, and comedies.

Ashley Calloway is the owner of Regency West

As it was previously owned by her dad, she was involved in the workings of Regency West since she was 12. This is a family tradition now being kept alive by her. 

She Has Collaborated With MAC Cosmetics

On her Instagram account (@ashcaliway), Ashley had announced her brand endorsement for MAC x AALIYAH. 

Ashley Calloway's brand endorsments

The cosmetics hit the stores in June 2018 and included products such as lipsticks and eyeshadow pallets.

Ashley Calloway Loves Traveling

The ebony beauty Ashley Calloway seems to love traveling and has visited places such as the Bahamas, Bali, and many more.

Ashley Calloway traveling

She often posts pictures of her in these places on her social media accounts.

She Graduated From Spelman College

Vanessa Bell Calloway's daughter Ashley Calloway graduated in 2012 from the Spelman College. She often posts throwback pictures of her in college on her Instagram.

Ashley Calloway's graduation

Ashley also often visits Spelman College to give speeches. 

She Also Loves Dancing 

The talented Ashley Calloway is also very passionate about dancing. Clips of her dancing are shared on her social media accounts.

Ashley Calloway dancing

Ashley has also danced on stage with the very popular Janelle Monae

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