Here's What You Should Know About Jim Marchese's son, James Marchese

BY NIHAL BHANDARY Updated on 09 March, 2021

James Michael is the son of the American actor Jim Marchese. Image Source: People.

James Marchese is the son of a reality television personality and pharmaceutical sales representative, Jim Marchese, who has a net worth of $3 million. Jim was previously married to a woman named Rebecca Grande, with whom he had two sons.

James Michael Marchese is a 19-year-old college teenager who came into media limelight after the squabble between him and his dad, Jim. James has one biological brother named Sebastian Marchese and two half-siblings named Isabella and Corbell Marchese.

The Father-Son Tussle

After James Michael Marchese, started a GoFundMe to raise money for his college tuition, we are well aware of the fact that he was in dire need of money. He wrote on his page that his father began to cut ties with him when he had discovered he was gay at the start of 2018.  Then, he went to live with his mother, Rebecca Grande, saying that to have a relationship with his dad, he had to live according to his father's rules and regulations, following his suggested lifestyle. That, to James, meant that he had to pretend to be straight and date girls.

Jim Marchese and James altercation

James confided about his struggles in an interview with Instinct Magazine, saying that it was his stepmother, Amber Marchese, who discovered material that hinted he was gay on his phone. This actually forced James to come out of the closet way too soon than he wanted. James also added that due to his exemplary academic performance, half of his college fees at Fairfield University is being covered by scholarships and that he would only want assistance for his freshman year. He added that he was currently working to build up his credit score so that he could just take out a loan without the co-signer next year and so on.

Moreover, he has since gained support from celebrities, including Danielle Staub, Ariana Madix, Lisa Vanderpump. Despite all of this, James stuck with the statement that he still wanted to have a stable relationship with his father.

James Michael Marchese and GoFundME

But just like there are two sides to every coin, Jim Marchese had his side to convey to the public. He said that he had paid over $40K in 2018 for his son's private school tuition fees and purchased him a Range Rover. He furthered along, saying that he even gave his ex-wife, Rebecca $10K, to support James and his brother so they could live comfortably. However, Rebecca wouldn't pay her portion, and that was problematic to him.

On top of everything, Jim even told People that his son, Michael’s entire story was a fraud and how he is just not paying for Fairfield University due to the stupidly exorbitant fees of $275K but has offered to pay for his son to attend Rutgers University in New Jersey.

The Marchese Family

The Fans of the Real Housewives of New Jersey first got to know the Marchese family when they appeared on the 6th season of the TV series, alongside Dina Manzo and the rest of the ladies. However, Jim and Amber left the show after just one season.

Jim Marchese and Amber Marchese and their Kids

Jim has been a part of controversy regarding the fact that he doesn't support the gay community. He's made some extremely rude and inconsiderate comments regarding the life choices of the LGBTQ community, saying that having a gay child is a curse and that they shouldn't be allowed to choose that lifestyle. As for his wife, Amber Marchese, she is an American television personality and entrepreneur. 

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Published on 31 October, 2019

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