Meet Ilana Glazer's Husband David Rooklin. Married Since 2017

BY EWON Updated on 19 March, 2021

Ilana Glazer and David Rooklin dated each other for 5 years.

In 2017, the comedian-actress, Ilana Rose Glazer married her spouse, David Rooklin. Until the couple stepped their relationship to marriage, they were in a loving relationship and dated each other for 5 years. The couple, Ilana and David met each other for the first time in Madison Square Park.

Ilana Rose Glazer is an American comedian and actress. She is well known for portraying appearances in the series Broad City. Unlike Ilana, her partner David is a molecular biologist and seems to have not a teeny tiny interest in movies and series. 

Ilana Glazer's Husband, David Rooklin Seems To Be A Cool Scientist

Going through David Rooklin's Instagram, we got to know that not only is he interested in science and books, he also loves to travel around interesting places to take a break from his busy scheduled life. He enjoys exploring beautiful scenarios of places with his lovely wife.

Ilana Rose Glazer and David Rooklin

Along with traveling, it looks as though he likes to listen to songs as well and especially of Beyoncé and Rihana. David really loves other things besides his work. He has got many interests in many things and those all can be seen in his social media posts.

As he frequently posts photos of creative arts and crafts, we assume he has a hobby of sketching. Similarly, he usually posts the artistic animations that seem to be related to his work and science stuff. 

The Opposites Couple Are So Much Into Each Other

Even though Ilana is an actress and her husband, David is a scientist, they love each other the way they are. The careers of the couple are different but they appreciate each other and immensely love one another.

Ilana Glazer's husband, David Rooklin

During the live Kelly & Ryan show, she entertained everyone saying:

"He's really into science and does not know comedy. He reads papers and knows how to read!"  

It's like the couple is two wheels of a cart and support one another. Although they do not have any child at the moment, they might be planning to have one. 

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Published on 20 June, 2019

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