Here Is What You Should Know About Peter Capaldi's Daughter Cecily Capaldi

BY NIHAL BHANDARY Updated on 09 March, 2021

Peter Capaldi's one and only daughter, Cecily Capaldi. Photo Source: Tumblr

Cecily Capaldi is the daughter of Doctor Who's star, Peter Capaldi and Elaine Capaldi who is also a prolific actress. Although we don't exactly know Cecily Capaldi's age, we can say that she is in her 20s. As of Peter Capaldi, he is 61 and his wife is 56.

We also don't have slightest of clues as to what Cecily does for living either. However, the daughter of one of the most influential Scottish actors of all time might have thought of following her father's footsteps. Cecily's dad, Peter Capaldi married Elaine Capaldi in the year 1991 and the couple has been married ever since.

What Do We Know About Peter's daughter Cecily Capaldi?

As of now, most of Peter Capaldi's daughter Cecily Capaldi's information has been kept under the wraps. It's uncertain why. There's no information out there about Cecily Capaldi's net worth or how much she earns and what profession she is into. Nevertheless, her father Peter Capaldi's net worth is estimated to be $10 million which he has amassed from his acting and film directing career. He is best known for his role in Doctor Who, In the Loop and he has an upcoming role in Suicide Squad 2, set to release in 2021.

Cecily Capaldi info

As of Cecily Capaldi's mother Elaine Collins, she is also a popular actress and producer, known for numerous movies including Soft Top Hard Shoulder, Play for Today and Mrs.Brown. She must have received a handsome salary and her net worth is probably a six-figure amount too. Contrary to her parents, she doesn't attend any events or makes any public appearances. 

Cecily Capaldi's Social Media Handle

Cecily Capaldi's Instagram hasn't been publicized either, neither has she put up pictures of herself on any other social media on the internet. Unlike her dad and mom, it looks like she has chosen to live her life behind the curtains, away from the unnecessary, stressful media attention.

Cecily Capaldi Instagram

She seems like a person of secretive nature with absolutely no trace of any details whatsoever on the Internet with the exceptions of a couple of gifs of her dancing with her dad from Jools Holland Hootenanny 2010. The Mysterious Cecily Capaldi is undoubtedly living a low-key life and her parents probably support her in helping her live a happy and comfortable life.

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