Married For Nearly A Decade, Where Is Richard Roundtree's Ex-wife Mary Jane Grant Now?

BY SB Updated on 05 February, 2021

Richard Roundtree was married to Mary Jane Grant for around a decade. Image Source: Social Media.

Mary Jane Grant is the ex-wife of the famous actor Richard Roundtree. After marrying in 1963, the couple spent a decade together. Richard is primarily known for his role as detective John Shaft in Shaft movies. Mary was his first wife, but not his last as he was married again to Karen M. Ciernia.

After her divorce from Richard, Mary had an exciting life. Being the wife of such a celebrated actor, she was in the spotlight too. Now, many fans are curious to know more about her in every way possible. If you are one of those fans, you are in the right place; in this article, we will walk you through the life of Mary Jane.

Who is Mary Jane Grant?

As mentioned above, Mary Jane is famous for being Richard Roundtree's ex-wife. The couple had two children before getting divorced in 1973. Back then, there was a limited amount of media networks, and without much exposure to it, little to no information was available about her early life. She probably had a lucky first experience, given the circumstances that lead her to meet with Richard.  

Mary Jane's ex-husband Richard Roundtree

Mary married Richard before he got his big breakthrough from the movie 'Shaft' and his busy life after the film can very well be the reason for divorce. She must have been a loving mother but could continue helping her children grow up due to the foiled relationship with Richard. 

Where is Richard Roundtree's Ex-Wife Now?

After the divorce, Mary's whereabouts became utterly speculative. Since she was married to Richard way before he got exponentially famous and divorced just after it, much info about her could not make it to the surface. A British writer goes by the same name as her, but we are not sure if the two are the same person. Until further information comes up about it, we have to wait in hopes of getting to know more about her.

Currently, in her old age, Richard Roundtree's ex-wife, Mary Jane, must be recollecting her beautiful memories from the time shared with Richard. Wherever she is today, we hope that she is in good health, and we get to know more about her in the coming days. Coincidently or not, Richard played in the TV series 'Being Mary Jane', where the main character shared the same name as his then-wife. 

Richard's Life After Divorce

Richard had just gained fame before divorcing Mary Jane but could not continue on the same road with her. Although they had their differences, the couple must have a strong bond to hold them together for a decade. Richard did not remarry until 1980, which also shows that he probably loved his previous wife. He had three children from his second marriage with Karen M. Ciernia but could not continue the marriage and divorced again in 1998. 

Richard played countless movies between that period, establishing himself as the first black action hero. His character of John Shaft was revolutionary in so many aspects. Even to this day, he has been prominent in his acting and is as flawless as he was back then. Witnessing Richard's brilliant career, his previous wives must be proud of what he has achieved and are probably praying about his well-being from wherever they are.

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Published on 04 September, 2020

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