Alain Prost Net Worth - Earnings As A Racer, Stocks, Endorsement Deals, Properties And More

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Alain Prost Net Worth
$100 million

Alain Prost has amassed a fortune from his career as a racer and various other investments. Image Source: Alain Prost Instagram.

Birth Name Alain Marie Pascal Prost
Birth place Lorette, France
Profession Racing Driver
Nationality French
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Hair Color Grey

Alain Prost is one of the most successful drivers in the history of Formula One racing. He held the record of most Grand Prix victories for about fourteen years and is still remembered for his highly successful career as a racing driver.

The French driver not only earned recognition from his time as an F1 driver but also accumulated a massive fortune. Also, Alain Frost's net worth of $100 million comprises of his earnings from numerous stock and real estate investments.

Alain Prost Net Worth And Earnings

As mentioned above, Alain Prost has an estimated net worth of $100 million from his successful racing career and various investments. Some other sources have estimated Prost's net worth to be $185 million. Whatever is the case, one can easily see how much fortune Alain has amassed over the years.

Income From Racing Career

Alain Prost took an interest in racing after he discovered kart racing when he was just fourteen. He previously played various sports like roller skating, soccer and wanted to pursue a career as a soccer player. But then he chose to further his career in racing.

Prost started racing when he was only a teenager and even left school to become a full-time racer. He won numerous karting championship in the late 1970s, which helped him gain attention from major F1 teams. He joined McLaren in 1980, and on his debut race in Argentine Grand Prix, he finished in the sixth position gaining a point.

Alain Prost Earnings.

A year later, the French driver joined the French team, Renault, and went on to win his first race at the French Grand Prix. He returned to McLaren and went on to win numerous titles with the team. Throughout his time with the F1 team, he earned a massive sum as his salary per year.

Alain Prost continued to participate in numerous Grand Prix races with teams like Ferrari, Williams. Ferrari reportedly paid him a significant amount to not drive for the other groups. He retired after the race in Adelaide in 1993.

Over the years, the French driver was part of numerous world-renowned race teams who must have paid him in millions per year. As one of the most successful professional drivers in the Formula One setting, Alain Prost's net worth must have comprised of the prize money he received after every win.

Income From Stock And Real Estate Investments

In addition to his highly successful racing career, Alain Prost also earned a massive sum from his smart stock investments. He also reportedly tried his hand in real estate investments, which undoubtedly helped him make millions in the process.

While there are no exact details about the investments and the subsequent profits gained through then, it is clear that much of Alain Prost's net worth of $100 million comprises of them.


With the massive fortune he has amassed over the years, Alain Prost now lives a lavish lifestyle. He reportedly owns a house in Nyon, Switzerland, where he has lived for a while.

Alain Prost Family.

And going through Alain's Instagram handle, we can see that after all the hard work he has done over the years, the racer is enjoying a comfortable life with his family. Also, he has used his social media to support his sons' business ventures by advertising their clothing products on multiple occasions. All this shows that Prost is immensely proud of his children's success and does not hesitate to show it to the world.


  • Alain Prost was born in Lorette France, February 24, 1955, as Alain Marie Pascal Prost.
  • He was previously married to Anne-Marie Prost. They got married in 1980 and but divorced sometime later.
  • He has three children: two sons, Nicolas Prost and Sacha Prost, and a daughter, Victoria Prost.
  • His rivalry with Ayrton Senna was one of the most notable rivalries in the races. However, they shared a cordial relationship outside of the competition.
  • Alain Prost's helmet design featured the three colors of the French flag.

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Published on 13 August, 2020

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