What Is Bear Grylls' Net Worth? Earnings From Man vs. Wild

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Bear Grylls
$25 million

Bear Grylls' net worth is estimated at $20 million

Birth Name Edward Michael Bear Grylls
Birth place Isle of Wight, England, UK
Profession Television Presenter, Businessman and Writer
Nationality British
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Hair Color Black

The talented adventurer and survivalist, Bear Grylls' net worth is estimated at $25 million. He has managed to accumulate so much wealth from the television series he is best known for: Man vs. Wild, his advertisements, expeditions, and book sales. Although seemingly rich, he prefers to be generous and help educate people about various environmental issues.

Apart from his daredevil job, Bear is also a motivational speaker. Grylls has been involved in charity work and has served as an ambassador for The Prince's Trust as well.

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Bear Grylls Net Worth and Earnings

The Man vs. Wild host, Bear Grylls' net worth is approximately $25 million. As mentioned above, his primary source of income has been his TV shows. Apart from them, he also gathers a hefty sum from his books and other endeavors.

Income From TV Show

As mentioned above, Bear Grylls is best known for his beloved TV series Man vs. Wild, which started airing on March 10, 2006, and ended on November 29, 2011. It is estimated that Bear Grylls' salary was around $30,000 per episode for the show. In the TV series, Bear deliberately `strands' himself in remote, inhospitable locales and shows survival tactics to last in unusual environments.

Since the show began, it has also featured many celebrities, which helped Bear pull in more viewers. Some celebrities that appeared on his show include Stephen Fry, Kate Winslet, Kate Hudson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael B. Jordan, and others. Apart from that, he has also hosted other shows like Bear's Wild Weekend, Escape from Hell, The Island, and Running Wild with Bear Grylls.

Income From Books

Aside from an innate skill of survival, Bear Grylls is also a prominent author. His books depict survival strategies and useful information to survive in the wild, as well as motivation and dedication. Some of his books with their respective prices are listed below:

Book Price
Soul Fuel $17.31
Mud, Sweat, and Tears $9.53
To My Sons $4.99
Survival Camp $17

Looking at his popularity among millions of people, it is clear that these books must have been a favorite for many. As mentioned in his Instagram, collectively, he has sold eighteen million copies of his books. All of the earnings from the book sales have undoubtedly impacted Bear Grylls' net worth.

Charity And Awareness Campaigns

As stated earlier, Grylls has been actively involved in charity work and has also served as an ambassador for The Prince's Trust, which provides training, financial, and practical support to young people in the United Kingdom. He has led multiple dangerous excursions in support of various charities, including Global Angels. 

Along with supporting various causes, Grylls is an advocate for the use of alternative energy. He has also raised awareness about the effects of global warming, among other environmental issues.

Furthermore, Bear has also fulfilled a lifelong dream of climbing Mount Everest only 18 months after he was severely injured during parachuting breaking three vertebrae in the accident.

Family and Lifestyle

Bear Grylls has been married to his longtime girlfriend, Shara Cannings Knight, since 2000. The adorable couple is parents to three handsome sons: Jesse Grylls, Marmaduke Mickey Percy Grylls, Huckleberry Edward Jocelyne Grylls.

Bear Grylls and his wife Shara Cannings

During his free time, Bear spends his moments with his family in a 20-acre private island in Wales, U.K. Moreover, Bear Grylls is widely present on different social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, updating fans on the newest adventures and projects. Looking at his social media profiles, he doesn't seem to be boasting about his wealth but loves traveling a lot.


  • Bear Grylls was born as Edward Michael Grylls on the 7th of June, 1974, in the Isle of Wight, England.
  • His elder sister Lara Fawcett was the one who gave him the nickname 'Bear.'
  • Grylls was awarded the Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) in 2019 for his services to media, charity, and young people.
  • Bear was the youngest person to hold the position of Chief Scout of the United Kingdom and Overseas Territories. He was thirty-four during his appointment.

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Published on 28 August, 2019

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