Chris Samuels Net Worth - What Could Be His Salary From NFL?

BY CHIRAG Updated on 15 March, 2021

Chris Samuels is a rich players. Image Source: Chris's Instagram

Football is a sport that everyone enjoys. With so many twists and turns and unexpected goals, the game has many excited viewers. And it goes without saying that these viewers have several idols. One of these players is none other than Chris Samuels.

Chris may be a former pro football player, but that doesn’t mean that his fan base is no less than current stars. As such, Chris Samuels’ net worth is estimated at a grand of $17 million. Let’s take a look and find out what makes Chris’s net worth such an outstanding amount.

Chris Samuels' Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As stated prior, Chris Samuels has an estimated net worth of $17 million. Most of Chris’s fans know that he used to be an amazing player before his injury in 2010. But this did not stop Chris from making a career out of the thing he loves the most. And because of his amazing career, his salary isn’t anything short of generous.

As for his wife, Monique Samuels’ net worth is estimated at a grand of $4 million.

An Amazing Football Career

When one talks about any star’s net worth, their first source of income will always be their first career. And as for Chris Samuels, it happened to be his football career. Chris was an amazing college, and pro football player before an injury in 2010 caused him to retire.

From the year 2000, up till his injury, Chris Samuels’ income was nothing short of amazing. In his ten seasons during this time, Chris earned a total of $56,400,000, which was quite high compared to any old football player. Aside from this, Chris signed a 7-year contract in 2005 with Redskins, which was a $47 million contract. The most surprising thing is that he got a signing bonus of $16 million, which was the largest bonus in history at the time. All of this goes to show that Chris had an amazing football career.

Career As Offensive Coordinator

After the injury, it took a while for Samuel to get back on his feet. Sadly, his career as a player was over. But that did not stop him from making a new career with football. In 2017, Chris joined Winston Churchill High School as an offensive coordinator. Now he wants the younger generation to learn his tips in becoming a great player.

Later, in 2019, Samuels was hired by Northwest High School for the same post. Because of his amazing career history, Chris Samuels’ salary must have been a generous amount as well.

House And Lifestyle

Monique Samuels’ husband, Chris Samuels, lives with his family on a 12,000 square-foot house in a five-acre property in Potomac, Md., and the house is nothing short of amazing. When Chris’ wife, RHOP’s  Monique Samuels, set out to find their dream house, she set her sight on a rustic and unfinished house. Custom built by the owner in 2008, the three-story house was made of cedar, stone, and shingle.

Chris Samuels lifestyle

The first important and noticeable part of her house is their predator tank with horn shark and snowflake eels in it. The tank divides the kitchen and dining room, and the house itself is something that people wish to have. Chris Samuels’ children, Chase Omari Samuels, Christopher Samuels, and Milani Samuels, love the house, and it seems that the fans do too. It seems that Monique and Chris Samuels’ income was well-spent in this house.


  • Chris Samuels has over 10K followers on Instagram as of now.
  • All of Chris Samuels’ kids have their own Instagram.
  • He has only 656 followers on Twitter as of now.

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