Clint Black Net Worth vs Lisa Hartman Black Net Worth - Who Is The Richest Amongst The Married Pair?

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Clint Black Net Worth And Lisa Hartman Black Net Worth
$25 million And $5 million

Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black has put out several singles and albums together. Image Source: Lisa Hartman Black Instagram.

Birth Name Clint Patrick Black / Lisa Hartman
Birth place Long Branch, New Jersey, USA / Houston, Texas, USA
Profession Musician, Actor / Actress
Nationality American / American
Zodiac Sign Aquarius / Gemini
Hair Color Brown / Blonde

The country couple, Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black, are mostly known for their breakthrough song When I Said I Do. The married pair have worked together on many acting projects and has also made great music for many years.

In addition to their collaborative works, both Black and Hartman have also gained success in their respective career and have earned a massive fortune. Country music singer, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer Clint Black's net worth is estimated to be $25 million. As for his wife, Lisa Hartman Black's net worth is estimated at $5 million, which she accumulated from her successful acting career.

Clint Black Net Worth And Earnings

As mentioned above, Clint Black's net worth of $25 million comprises of his earnings from his highly successful career as a singer-songwriter, and record producer. He has earned this staggering fortune from music sales, tour revenues, and also from a few acting projects.

Income From Music

Clint started making music from a young age, and his debut album, Killin' Time, was released in 1989. Since then, the country singer has released twelve other records, all of which have been successful on their own rights. He has had twenty-two singles, which reached number one on the Billboard country charts. Some of Black's albums and their respective prices are given below:

Albums Prices
Killin' Time $11.39 (Audio CD)
The Hard Way $12.92 (Audio CD)
No Time To Kill $9.99 (MP3)
Spend My Time $8.99 (MP3)
The Love Songs $25.00 (Audio CD)
Out of Sane $9.49 (MP3)

In addition to the album and singles sales, Clint also earns a significant amount from his own record label. He formed the label, Equity Music Group, in 2003 but was later closed due to financial difficulties. All of the earnings from music sales and as the owner of the record label has helped increase Clint Black's net worth.

Income From Merchandise Sale And Acting

Like every other artist, Clint has also released a bunch of merchandise, which has been very popular among the fans. The merchandise line includes products like t-shirts, caps, accessories, and numerous album bundles. All of these items are available on Black's official store, and some of them and their respective prices are listed below:

  • Out of Sane Album T-shirt - $30.00
  • Still Killin' Time T-shirt - $20.00
  • Killin' Time Long Sleeve T-shirt - $35.00
  • Clint Black America Hat - $20.00
  • Still In Love With You Lapel Pins - $10.00
  • America Keychain - $5.00
  • America Earrings - $10.00
  • Still In Love With You Bundle - $45.00

In addition to his music career, Clint has also tried his and in acting. He has starred in television series and movies like Maverick, Going Home, Anger Management, Hot Properties. While he mostly focused on his music, the few acting projects he has starred in must have helped him earn a significant amount and made a huge impact on Clint Black's net worth.

Lisa Hartman Black Net Worth And Earnings

As stated above, Lisa Hartman Black has an estimated net worth of $5 million. She amassed this vast fortune from her career as an actress and a singer.

Income From Acting

Lisa started her acting career by appearing in a few television series in minor roles. Her breakthrough roles came in 1982 show Knots Landing, where she played Cathy Geary. Her character was killed off after some time, but after public outcry, she was brought back. She also starred in other series and tv-movie like Matlock, The Operations, 2000 Malibu Road, Out of Nowhere, among many others.

Along with shows on tv, Hartman also starred in numerous movies. Her first film was Just Tell Me You Love Me, which was released in 1978. She also played a major role in movies like Deadly Blessing, Where the Boys Are, The 17th Bride, and a few others. Some of these films earned millions of dollars on box office, and as one of the major stars in them, Lisa Hartman Black's earnings from them must have helped increase her net worth.

Income From Music

Just like her husband, Lisa is also a musician and has released five albums. Her debut self-titled studio album was released in 1976, and she continued making and releasing music for a few years. Her last album, 'Til My Heart Stops, was released in 1987, and she is yet to put out a new record.

In addition to her solo music, Lisa also collaborated with her husband, Clint Black. The duo's song When I Said I Do became an instant hit and charted in Billboard Charts at number one in 1999. She has continued to be part of Clint's musical journey and has provided background vocals on his songs.

In conclusion, while Lisa Hartman Black's net worth includes her earnings from acting and her music, her husband, Clint Black's net worth, is significantly higher than hers. This is due to Clint releasing music constantly and also touring the country multiple times.

Lifestyle And Assets

The multitalented couple has earned millions of dollars from their successful careers and now lives a comfortable lifestyle. They currently live in Nashville, Tenessee and have a daughter named Lily Pearl Black.

Clint Black Net Worth Lisa Hartman Black Net Worth.

While the pair are very famous for their works, they have managed to keep their life away from the public eyes. In the few interviews they have done over the years, both Lisa and Clint have stated that the other one has made their life better. Looking at the loved-up couple, we can see that the pair still have immense love and respect for each other even after three decades of marriage.


  • Clint Black was born on the 4th of 1962 in Long Branch, New Jersey.
  • Lisa Hartman Black was born in Houston, on the 1st of June, 1956.
  • Clint and Lisa got married in 1991 and have a daughter together.
  • After their daughter, Lily Pearl Black, was born in 2001, Lisa became selective with her acting projects.

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