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BY EWON Updated on 18 March, 2021

Dave Lee amassed a promising net worth as a YouTuber. Image Source: Yahoo Finance.

Widely known as the tech guru and pundit of YouTube, Dave Lee made a promising career from the YouTube industry. From the start of the journey in January 2015 with no subscribers to over 2.6 million subscribers as of March 2020, he thrived on the platform.

Dave Lee gives a wide range of tech reviews, comparisons, and advice to people. Mostly, he lures in such people who want to get specification details of gadgets like mobile phones, laptops, notebooks, and PCs. And you guessed it, tech-enthusiasts hoard up on the channel in numbers, boosting the channel's revenue and popularity. As of now, Dave Lee's net worth is grand, which he gathered from a prolific career in the YouTube tech community.

Net Worth: What Are Dave Lee's Sources Of Earnings?

As stated earlier, Dave Lee's net worth seems to be magnificent in which he was able to amass in his career voyage. For one thing, it's known that he earns primarily from the YouTube that includes in his net fortune, and for another, he endorses multiple products too.

Dave Lee's net worth

Similarly, Dave Lee may have other sources that rake his wealth day-by-day. So, let's get straight down to know about these camouflaged sources. 

Income From YouTube

Dave Lee's net worth primarily consists of revenue and earnings from YouTube. The YouTuber has his self-titled YouTube channel, Dave Lee, with more than 2.6 million subscribers. If you guys fancy quality tech videos and are into that kind of stuff, then don't forget to surf Dave Lee's YouTube channel. In case you didn't know, the products Dave gives reviews about, he buys most of them from his own money.

As for Dave Lee's earnings from YouTube, he makes an estimated $2,400-$38,900 per month and $29,200-$467,000 annually, according to Social Blade. Dave Lee's videos have been viewed by over 434 million people, and it has an average of 500k views, which is pretty massive for the record.

Perhaps, he also gets pleasing deals and offers from the various technology companies to promote and advertise their products on YouTube. Similarly, one can think Dave Lee picks up good sponsorships that would benefit in his fortune. But he is very picky about the sponsors and endorsements. The YouTuber deals with the ones which he would for sure purchase or if he had bought in the past.

Dave Lee earnings, sponsorship

Therefore, the awesome gadget-man, Dave Lee, has succeeded in enlarging his financial pockets from his YouTube career. Maybe, he has plans to gather up more net worth in the coming years by attracting tons of people with more engaging content.

Income From Other Sources

Apart from YouTube, the tech-enthusiast also has a regular job in a company which deals with the engineering, architecture & development constructions of medical buildings and clinics. Dave Lee's salary from the company must be a consistently grand amount.

Dave Lee's income from regular job

So, Lee's regular job counts as his other source of income and earnings that do support in his fortune. Hence, the revenues from the job are quietly making good-profits in Dave Lee's net worth.


It's no surprise that Dave Lee is living a comfortable life. Well, he's not much of a social media guy who'd upload strings of photos on social media. Rather than that, he uses social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter to notify his followers about new and latest phones and laptops.

Dave Lee's lifestyle

The YouTuber seems to be happy with his usual life and probably doesn't want to glitter his life flexing around. As a result, we can probably tell that he lives a calm and composed life, focusing on being a good father. And with more viewers coming in and other lucrative endorsement offers, Dave Lee's net worth is bound to hike up in the upcoming future.

Some Facts About Dave Lee

  • Dave Lee was born on Oct 31, 1980, in Toronto, Canada.
  • The Canadian YouTuber studied Human Bio at the University of Toronto.
  • On January 5, 2015, he began his YouTube journey.
  • He is a father of two sons, whose names are still under the wraps.
  • He has over 181k followers on Instagram.

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Published on 11 March, 2020

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