Doug Reinhardt Net Worth - Salary From The Hills And His Other Endeavors

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Doug Reinhardt's net worth of $3.5 million is thanks to his career and multiple endeavors. Image Source: Getty Images.

Known for his appearance in the show The Hills, Doug Reinhardt is a former American baseball player. During his stint on the show, the player was infamous for going on dates behind his then girlfriend's back. Whatever his reputation was during those days, Doug seems to have left it behind and now is focussed on his business and life, amassing good popularity and fortune. As of now, Doug Reinhardt's net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million.

Being a former professional baseball player has made Doug Reinhardt very aware of the amount of hard work required to succeed in any field of life. And he has implemented the knowledge in his business ventures and carried on with the same strategy in life.

Net Worth And Earnings

As mentioned above, Doug Reinhardt's net worth is estimated to be $3.5 million thanks to his career as a baseball player, TV presenter, and other endeavors.

Income As a Professional Player

Right after high school, Doug Reinhardt signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, turning down a baseball scholarship. He played for the team in Major League Baseball (MLB) as their eighth pick in 2004. Reinhardt was with the team for three consecutive years. After released by the Angels in 2007, he was picked up by Baltimore Orioles but played for them only for a year. His injured knee, which required surgery during his time in the Angeles, was the reason behind him leaving his baseball career.

Doug Reinhardt net worth

Even though he only played professionally for a short time, Doug must have accumulated quite a fortune, given that the average salary for a baseball player in the MLB in 2005 was $2,632,655 per year. So, Reinhardt's earnings must have seen massive improvement during those years.

Income From Television Appearances

While baseball was his chosen career, Doug Reinhardt is also prominently known for his appearance in the reality show The Hills. He was dating The Hills star, Lauren Conrad at the time, but went on a date with Stephanie Pratt behind Lauren's back while she was on vacation.

Doug Reinhardt Income From TV.

While neither of these relationships worked out for good, Reinhardt gained a new identity through the show. Apart from the show, the reality tv star has also been part of a movie, shorts, and documentary. These projects certainly brought good sum in, which helped Doug Reinhardt's net worth take a massive leap ahead.

Other Business Endeavors

With injury leading him to leave his baseball career, the reality star looked into investing his well-earned money into real estate following his father, John Reinhardt. In an interview, Reinhardt mentioned that the money he earned playing professional baseball was invested in apartments as a safe investment. He also worked with Entrepreneurial Properties Corporation for two years. These investments and works surely must have paid off and propelled his income further.

Doug Reinhardt Business Endeavours, fortune

Along with real estate ventures, the former baseball player has also been a part of the technology part of the business. He has launched and served as Chief Executive Officer of FUGEN Mobile, LLC, and Fun Factor, LLC.

Furthermore, Reinhardt also co-created the Reinhardt Kettlebell System (RKS) with certified kettlebell instructor Owen Evans. The duo has created a workout to increase one's endurance, flexibility, strength, and cardiovascular condition. The workout routine was born from his necessity during the recovery process from his knee surgery. So it's a well-established fact that Reinhardt has brought in a hefty paycheck through entrepreneurial means too.

Divorce From His Wife

The former The Hills star was married to Natalie Sutton for about a year, before, Doug filed for divorce on April 30, 2018. The divorce came after Sutton was arrested for punching and repeatedly hitting her then-husband.

Doug Reinhardt Marriage.

The divorce was finalized, and the couple agreed to destroy their embryos as a part of their statement. Sutton did not receive spousal support and is dealing with the charges for the violence.


Coming from a business-oriented family, Doug Reinhardt lives a lavish lifestyle. With both mother and stepfather, Kelly Roberts and Duane Roberts, renowned in the business world and being a successful businessman himself, it is no surprise that he lives a laid-back life. According to virtual globetrotting, in 2009, Dough Reinhardt purchased a 4-bed, 4-bath, 3,168 sq ft home in Los Angeles, California where he most probably resides.

Doug Reinhardt Lavish Lifestyle.

Looking at Doug Reinhardt's Instagram account, we can see that he and his fiancee, Mia Irons are very into traveling and lives a very lavish lifestyle.

Some Quick Facts About Doug Reinhardt

  • Doug Reinhardt was born on October 22, 1985, in California, USA.
  • He has a younger sister, Casey Beau Reinhardt.
  • He has been in relationships with many stars like Paris Hilton, Amanda Bynes, Allie Lutz, among others.
  • He is father to twins Maverick Reinhardt and Beau Reinhardt with fiancee Mia Irons.

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Published on 10 March, 2020

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