What Is Gabbie Hanna's Net Worth? Income From YouTube

BY EWON Updated on 18 March, 2021

Gabbie Hanna is a YouTuber, comedian and a singer.

Gabrielle Jeannette Hanna a.k.a. Gabbie Hanna's net worth is estimated at $2 million. She has amassed the wealth from her career as a YouTuber. It obviously provided a great platform for her career and future.

Gabbie has two YouTube channels: the main channel and the second channel. Along with being a YouTuber, Gabbie is also a great singer. She usually posts music videos on her YouTube. So, with her YouTube journey, Gabbie has become an Internet celebrity.

Income And Earnings From YouTube

Talking about Gabbie's YouTube career, her net worth is almost entirely from her YouTube channel. She created a stroke of luck from YouTube. She has a main channel named "Gabbie Hanna" that has over 6.5 million subscribers and a second channel "More Gabbie Hanna" with over 1.6 million subscribers. 

YouTuber Gabbie Hanna

According to the SocialBlade, Gabbie's estimated monthly earnings from her main channel is $5.5K-$88K and yearly earning is estimated at $66K-$1.1M. Likewise, Gabbie's earnings from her second channel might also be a satisfying paycheck.

Gabbie is a fantastic singer and has a great voice. She also posts her official music videos on YouTube. Gabbie Hanna's single "Out Loud" reached no. 30 on the US Digital chart. With millions of views on her video songs, she might be earning money from there too. 

Credits to YouTube because Gabbie's net worth of $2 million could not be possible without it. She turned her luck with the huge platform given by YouTube. Now, millions of people have become fans of the multi-talented YouTuber. 

Gabbie's Merchandise Are Also Sources Of Her Earnings

Gabbie Hanna has her own collections of merchandise. Her merchandise includes mugs, bags, pillows, t-shirts, stickers, etc. The Gabbie Show line drawing Fitted T-Shirt has a price tag of $28.98, Satellite Gabbie Hanna Slim Fit T-Shirt costs $19.90.

Gabbie Hanna and her merchandise

The Gabbie Show mugs cost $15.60 and the Gabbie-editioned bags prices around $30. Gabbie's subscribers and fans are the main ones who seem to buy her merch. Gabbie's earnings from merch also include in her huge net worth.

Earnings From Gabbie's Acting Career

In 2017, after co-hosting reboot TV series Total Request Live on MTV, she also appeared in the episodes of series, Sanders Shorts. Not only that but also she acted in Teens Wanna Know, Oscar's Hotel for Fantastical Creatures, Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig, Shane & Friends, Zall Good, etc.

Gabbie Hanna and her acting career

Back then she may have got a good amount of salary for her appearance on a number of series. Probably, the earnings from her acting career also contribute to $2 million net worth.

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Published on 01 July, 2019

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