Iggy Pop Net Worth - Earnings From His Career As A Singer

BY NIHAL BHANDARY Updated on 12 March, 2021

Iggy Pop's net worth is estimated to be $20 million. Photo Source: Getty Images.

For all its mercurial songs, and brilliance, the band Stooges' songs are still the go-to place for some people wanting to listen to a good punk rock music. The vocalist of one of the most influential proto-punk band has gained good fame and fortune from his diverse capabilities to excel in may ventures. Iggy Pop's net worth is estimated to be $20 million which he has acquired during his long-running career in the field of music and movies.

Iggy Pop was born on April 21, 1947, in Muskegon, Michigan, the United States. He was born to Louella and James Newell and was raised in a trailer park. Although Iggy used to stroll down to school with the son of the president of Ford Motor Company, he mentions that his parents had no access to massive amounts of wealth. Despite that, Pop adds that his parents never stopped supporting him to reach his dreams and always invested tremendous amounts of time and care on him. Iggy Pop is also a father of one, who was welcomed through the relationship he had with Paulette Benson in 1970.

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Net Worth and Sources of Income

As mentioned before, the talented musician, Iggy Pop's net worth is estimated to be $20 million which he has piled up from his lucrative career in the music and record label department. Not to mention that he has also raked in humongous wealth from his acting career too.

Income from The Stooges

One fact is for sure. Iggy Pop was an innately talented punk singer and song-writer. He spent the most productive part of his career in the famous band, The Stooges where he received international prominence due to his formidable contribution to the band as the lead singer.

Iggy Pop net worth

In his years in the punk-band group, he had managed to make a name for himself and with a platform so huge to step on Iggy Pop's net worth must have raised by a huge amount. Some of the band's album in which he worked in alongside their earnings are listed here:

Albums Earnings
The Stooges  $60K
Raw Power $60K
Metallic K.O $100K

Sure, the band wasn't a staggering commercial success but he is still considered by some as the godfather of punk and the fact that almost every punk band has borrowed a thing or two from him, Pop is undoubtedly one of the most successful figures in the field of punk music. We can only begin to imagine Iggy Pop's income from the massive album sales.

Income from Solo Career

The left-handed guitarist, Iggy Pop's solo music career which he heavily dedicated himself to, helped him attain seemingly unattainable heights.in the music industry. Additionally, he was good friends and extensively worked with David Bowie which was the reason for some of Iggy's most prominent songs.

Many of his live stage performances consist of the singer doing outrageous and unpredictable stage antics and distinctive. Besides, his songs are filled with ludicrous amounts of energy and good lyrical composition. Some songs like Search and Destroy and I Wanna Be Your Dog, The Passenger and Real Wild Child (Wild One) and Candy have assisted Iggy is raking in a good audience in the past couple of years. Sales of some of the incredible albums alongside their revenue, helped pile up Iggy Pop's earnings by multiple folds and they are listed here for you:

  • Lust for Life( Certified gold by RIAA) - $500K
  • Blah Blah Blah(Certified Gold by Music Canada)-$50K
  • Brick by Brick(Certified Gold by RIAA)-$500K
  • Prèliminaires-$50K

Though Iggy's popularity has fluctuated quite a bit during the course of his career, the fire he had inside of him for music could never snuff out. Also by collaborating with famous bands like Guns N' Roses and well-established singers like David Bowie and Goran Bregović, the genius musical artist Iggy Pop has secured his place on the list of some of the wealthiest punk musicians ever.

Income from Shop (Merchandise, Tour)

On Iggy Pop's website, fans can get access to the link that directs them to his music on Spotify and iTunes. Apart from that, they can also purchase tickets for Iggy Pop's next tour which is set to be in the Beacon Theatre in New York, the United States. Iggy Pop's fortune is most certainly backed by the number of sales of his merchandise that takes place on his website.

Iggy Pop Merch

.Moreover, on his website that is associated with his band, The Stooges, one can get their hands on Apparel that includes sweatshirts, hoodies, T-Shirts and attractive accessories like IGGY AND THE STOOGES SHOT GLASS and IGGY AND THE STOOGES CIRCLE WOOD COASTER.

Used to Act

Iggy Pop's IMDB page is filled with terrific accomplishments he has secured in the bag which means he has had an ample income cascading in his bank account. As an actor, Pop has appeared in a number of movies including Sid and Nancy, The Color of Money, Hardware, The Crow: City of Angels, The Rugrats Movie, Snow Day, Coffee and Cigarettes next to Tom Waits, Tank Girl and numerous more. Besides, by appearing in about five television series, Iggy Pop has bagged in some serious cash in his acting career.

Iggy Pop series and movies

Furthermore, Pop has been profiled in four rockumentaries and has had his songs on 18 soundtracks. The actor with 294 soundtrack credits in his pockets has been nominated for a Golden Globe too. Not to mention his brilliant work with Johnny Depp on numerous films like Cry-Baby, Dead Man, Arizona Dream, just to name a few. We can be unequivocally sure that Iggy Pop's net worth has been on an ever-increasing streak, thanks to his passion and dedication for music.

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Published on 30 December, 2019

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