Jake McDorman Net Worth - Salary From Limitless And Has Acted In Many Roles

BY NIHAL BHANDARY Updated on 12 March, 2021

Jake McDorman's net worth is estimated to be a huge sum. Photo Source: Getty Imaes.

The amazing actress, Jake McDorman's net worth is estimated to be a gigantic sum, most of which he has acquired from his extensive career in the television and movie industry. While Jake has a plethora of acting credits to his name, he is widely known for portraying the lead role in CBS's Limitless.

The son of Deborah Gale and John Allen McDorman, Jake McDorman, was born on July 8, 1986, in Dallas, Texas. McDorman's sister, Morgan McDorman, and his older half-sister, Amanda grew up with him. Jake McDorman's girlfriend, Analeigh Tiptonhas been in a relationship with him for quite a long time already.

Net Worth and Sources of Income

With almost 20 years of a progressive acting career, Jake has successfully made a mark for himself in the industry. Jake McDorman's net worth is estimated to be a huge sum, which he has primarily amassed from his impeccable work in many TV series and movies.  

Income from Television

A glance and evaluation of Jake's incredible acting and one could firmly say that he was born to act. The reason behind McDorman's net worth is the long list of television series he has acted in.

Jake McDorman earning from movies

The talented actor made his television debut in Run of the House and was critically acclaimed for his performance. Following this, he landed a role in Quintuplets, an American sitcom, and stuck with it for a total of 22 episodes. McDorman's salary from this series must have been a handful.

More popularity and audience gushed over after Jake portrayed one of the main characters in the series, Greek and lead actor in Limitless. Added to that is his role in Are You There Chelsea, Manhattan Love Story, and Shameless, all of which contributed a big deal in Jake McDorman's fortune.

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Income from Movies

Well, Jake's TV series played a significant role in helping him advance in the industry, McDorman's career wasn't restricted only to it. He demonstrated his acting proficiency in movies too. A list of them with their gross box office collection is shown below:

Movies Box Office Collection
Aquamarine $22 million
Live Free or Die Hard $383 million
American Sniper $547 million
Lady Bird $78 million

Echoes of Innocence, The Escape Of Prisoner 614, The Craigslist Killer, the list goes on and on. Looking at these eye-opening amounts above, we are quite sure that McDorman must have banked in his fair share of the revenue. Having collaborated with big names like Bradley Cooper and Justin Long, McDorman is nothing short of an actor with immense talent and potential.


As much as Jake McDorman is wealthy, he doesn't really live a lavish lifestyle. Looking at McDorman's Instagram, it looks like the handsome lad would rather take weird selfies, travel around New York sipping his coffee and play around with his adorable cat. That's life for him. Jake also doesn't hold back from showing off his girlfriend, Analeigh Tipton, by posting pictures of her every once in a while.

Jake McDorman Instagram

Regardless, McDorman is truly an on-screen genius. And in the upcoming years, Jake McDorman's net fortune is inevitably going to pile up. Plus looking at all the movies and TV series he has worked in,  we can assume Jake's worth to be in seven figures.

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