Justin Vernon Net Worth - What Is The Bon Iver's Front-man's Worth?

BY NIHAL BHANDARY Updated on 09 March, 2021

Justin Vernon has an estimated net worth of $8 million. Photo Source: Getty Images.

Bon Iver's gifted vocalist and multi-instrumentalist, Justin Vernon's net worth is estimated to be $8 million. He has gathered his tremendous wealth from his contribution to bands, musical groups and from his numerous solo projects. He really came into attention after the band he founded, Bon Iver released their self-titled album.

Justin Vernon was born on April 30, 1981, in Wisconsin, the United States to mother Justine Vernon and father Gil Vernon. Some consider the man behind the band Bon Iver one of the greatest singer-songwriters of his generation.

Net Worth and Sources of Income

As mentioned above, the exceptionally talented American singer and songwriter, Justin Vernon's net worth is estimated to be $8 million which he has accumulated from his successful and prolific career he built through the popularity of his amazing songs.

Income from Music Bands

The Grammy-winning artist, Justin Vernon has built an incredible resume in the past decade. He gathered an immense income from his contributive work in two bands he founded, Mount Vernon and DeYarmond Edison, both of which turned out to be successful.

Justin Vernon net worth is huge

With Mount Vernon, Justin released We can Look Up and All of Us Free and with DeYarmond Edison, he released 4 other songs. Since these pieces did extremely well, we are sure Vernon must have earned his fair share from it. Nonetheless, Justin's net worth and popularity really skyrocketed when he founded the ever-evolving band Bon Iver and released the indie breakout album For Emma, Forever Ago. 

According to The Richest, the album sold approximately 1.18 million copies and earned a total of $1.5 million from the sales. This release followed another massively successful album, Blood Bank released in 2009. Furthermore, after releasing Bon Iver which he recorded alone in a cabin during the winter of 2006 and 2007, he gained international prominence which led to Justin's band winning Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album at the 2012 Grammy Awards for this self-titled album. 

Vernon is a down-to-earth artist. He's even helped artists on several hip-hop songs including Lizzo, Vince Staples, Travis Scott, Eminem and not to mention Kanye West who called Vernon his favorite living artist. Some of his albums alongside their number of sales and earnings are listed down below:

Albums No. of Sales Income from Sales
For Emma, Forever Ago 1.18 million $1.54 million
My Beautiful Twisted Fantasy (with Kanye West) 2.185 million $2.84 million
Watch the Throne(with Jay Z and Kanye) 1.47 million $1.9 million
Eminem's Kamikaze 661.5K $859K

Vernon is admired by many across the world. He enjoys a massive base of supporters that include both the audience and huge celebrities. Vernon's gigantic net worth starts making sense when one considers how incredibly gifted, passionate and dedicated the artist is and how far it has taken him in the music industry.

Justin Vernon awards

Now, many people tend to overlook Justin's contribution to the indie rock band, Volcano Choir and another one called Shouting Matches. He assisted them both into making some top-notch music, also gathering a good fortune from it.

Income from Merch and Tours

Apart from his albums sales, Justin Vernon has more sources to pull in his income from. His official website presents fans with a wide range of apparel for both men and women, including hoodies, shirts, and others. Next to that, one can also purchase Bon Iver posters and accessories like hats, pins, patches, notebook, bandana, stickers and so on. Purchasing a cool Bon Iver scarf from the online store would cost you a total of $15.00.

Justin Vernon tour

Added to all that is his wide selection of music in various forms like CDs, Digital streaming and Vinyl. His group's  Bon Iver's latest album titled I, I released in 2019 can be bought for $24.99 on his website. Taking all sorts of products and their sales into account, we are pretty sure Vernon certainly pulls in handsome cash from this venture.

Furthermore, the award-winning soft rock artist is no stranger to sell out massive arenas and tour tickets. His schedule looks pretty tight for 2020. But I mean who wouldn't wanna listen to one of the liveliest and most skillful musicians sing live? Fans can buy tickets for Justin's upcoming tour in Bangkok, Thailand on his website.

5 years of Work: (I, I)

In 2019, Bon Iver released one of their most ambitious and important tracks yet named I, I. And we can assure you that the album is truly a masterpiece. The Wisconsin artist has really put his heart and soul into making this one and looking at the charts one could easily conclude that the release resulted in the thrilling culmination of his Vernon's career so far.

Justin Vernon new album

It took a total of five years, more than 11 songwriters, more than 40 musicians and a huge group of technical team and artists to finish the album. The album climbed up to No.1 on Billboard charts, both on US Folk Albums and US Independent Albums. We can confidently say that Justin Vernon's income and fame spiked up by a huge margin after this worldwide success and is going to continue doing so.

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Published on 28 November, 2019

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