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BY NIHAL BHANDARY Updated on 09 March, 2021

Kia Proctor's net worth is estimated to be a reasonably massive amount. Photo Source: Kia's Instagram.

Although she used to work as a dancer, stripper, party-host in the past, things took a whole new turn for Kia Proctor after she moved to Atlanta and married her ex-partner, Cam Newton, an NFA player worth $45 million. But we obviously know people who, after reading a slight bit off the internet, formulate their own ideas and assumptions to try and slander others, only to ruin their reputation.

The glamorous blonde has tried her best to focus on being a good partner, mother, and model, which is the reason for a large portion of Kia Proctor's net worth. There's not a lot of what has been around the internet about her (and that includes information about her fortune) that hasn't been associated with her ex-boyfriend, Cam Newton. So an accurate estimation of Kia Proctor's net worth is lacking, but the spirited young woman has been supposedly involved in many ventures and is on her tracks to accumulate more fortune.

Net Worth and Sources of Income

As mentioned before, Kia Proctor's net worth is probably a commendable sum, but there's too little information about her ventures to draw a fine line on how much she is precisely worth. Also, she has been tied up to her wealthy ex-boyfriend, Cam Newton, who is an affluent NFA star.

Kia Proctor net worth

Especially after her break-up with the ex-partner, things have been going pretty rocky for the model. As far as personal information goes, there's not a whole lot about the model at this point since it seems as though her life in the media limelight started after her previous renowned relationship.

However, on Kia Proctor's Instagram, she is frequently seen endorsing and trying out stunning outfits from huge brands including Gucci, Versace, House of Glam, Je T'aime Boutique, Off-White, and numerous more. Since Kia hosts 64K followers on Instagram, it's no wonder that these companies must be paying her a truckload for endorsing them to all her fans. If you skim through her page, it becomes evidently clear that she can literally pull anything off.

Kia Proctor Instagram

The gorgeous fashionista is pretty active on social media, and that acts as a tool for one of Kia Proctor's primary sources of income. Making a name for herself, she is sure to pull in even more wealth shortly as she expands her career to multiple different ventures.

Accomplishing this kind of life by the time someone is in their early 30's is quite impressive, and we wish Kia the best for all her future endeavors.

Break-Up with Cam Newton

Prior to splitting it up with her ex, Cam Newton, no one really cared much about Kia Proctor's net worth since she was probably well taken care of with the NFA player's $45 million. Nonetheless, after a sloppy split and all the altercations over children's custody is taking a toll on both of their lives and people are getting more curious over the elegant model's life before the fame and how she earned her cash. As mentioned before, she draws in her bucks through the massive endorsements.

Kia Proctor's children

But despite the wealth, Proctor has had it rough lately. Yes, you might have gone through the news that she welcomed her fourth child with him, and her fifth overall, but that's not all of it. The wealthy NBA sensation has allegedly reportedly split from her after welcoming a baby with the Instagram model, La Reina Shaw. Right after the baby came into the attention of fans, Cam and Kia's relationship ended. 

The pair is still in between a court battle over custody of their kids. Cam sued Kia, demanding that he needed to see the DNA tests to confirm he is the father. Additionally, he wants the court to determine the support amount and also requested joint custody. But, Newton's ex-girlfriend requested him to pay her a whole $15K so she could hire a forensic accountant to skim through Newton's finance records and determine the exact figure he has to put down.

Kia Proctor and Cam Newton split

Kia has also revealed that Newton has a guaranteed salary of $60 million out of a staggering $104 million contract, an endorsement deal with many companies and also owns multiple businesses. So it was only fair of her to ask for full physical custody, health benefits, child support, life insurance, her lawyer, and expert fees from him. Another one of the countersuing remarks was that she hadn't worked once in the six years of relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Cam and that the court had to determine a child support amount, not based on regular guidelines.

So yes, it does look quite messy for Kia Proctor, who is only trying to enhance her lifestyle by focusing on being a good mother and an inspiration for all of her five kids. Modeling on Instagram and pulling in income is only the starting of building a whole new empire of fortune and fame for the single mother. She has got the push she needed, and after overcoming her hurdles, she is sure to make the most out of her spotlight and Kia Proctor's net worth to bound to bump up as the years go by.

Short Info About Kia Proctor

  • Kia Proctor was born on October 16, 1988, in Virginia, United States.
  • Born Shakia Proctor, she got public attention for dating NFL quarterback, Cam Newton.
  • She is a former stripper under the name Hazel, but she has been trying her best to move on from that life.
  • Kia Proctor is the mother of five children, four of whom she welcomed with Cam Newton and the oldest one named Shakira from her previous relationship. The name of Kia Proctor's other children are Cashmere Saint Newton, Camidas Swain Newton, Sovereign-Dior Cambella Newton, and Chosen Sebastian Newton.

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Published on 01 March, 2020

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