Michael Benaroya Net Worth - Film Producer and CEO at Benaroya Pictures

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Michael Benaroya's net worth has not been revealed yet. Image Source: Getty Images.

Michael Benaroya is an American film producer born on the 23rd of February 1981. He is the CEO of Benaroya Pictures which is a company that produces major motion pictures. As the founder of this company, we can assume that Michael Benaroya's net worth is in millions. 

Benaroya Pictures has produced a lot of well-known movies such as The Romantics, Kill Your Darlings, Elvis & Nixon, Haunting on Fraternity Row, and many more. Michael Benaroya has had an active role in producing these movies. 

Net Worth and Sources of Income

For some reason, Michael Benaroya's net worth has not been revealed to the public yet. However, as his career as a producer, he must have amassed a good sum of fortune for himself. 

Michael is the founder and CEO of Benaroya Pictures. Benaroya Pictures is a film finance and production company founded in 2006. This company develops, finances, and produces major motion pictures across a variety of genres and platforms. This company has produced movies such as "Cymbeline", "The Romantics", "New York, I Love You", "Hateship Loveship", and many more. More about Benaroya Pictures can be found on their official website.

Michael Benaroya's works

Starting from 2009, Michael Benaroya has produced and executive produced many movies and documentaries including "Queen of the Desert", "Marilyn Monroe: Murder on Fifth Helena Drive", "Against the Clock", and various others. He has also worked with known directors such as Faith Akin, Brett Ratner, Shankar Kapoor, and many more. He has developed relationships with renowned stars such as Shia LaBoeuf, Natalie Portman, and Scarlett Johansson.

A well-known name in the film industry, Michael is often called financially smart and artistically creative by the people that he works with. As the founder and CEO of Benaroya Pictures, and an active producer, Michael Benaroya must surely have amassed a huge net worth for himself.

Other Works

As a film production company, Benaroya Pictures also invests in outside projects which allows the company to work with a number of talented actors. Benaroya Pictures has also collaborated with Bruce Lee Entertainment to launch the "Bruce Lee Project" in Asia and the Middle East. This company has backers including Shannon Lee and Keanu Reeves.

Michael Benaroya's works

Michael Benaroya has partnered with Keya Morgan and Stan Lee to create "Nitron" which is a comic-book character franchise. This comic served as the source material for the film produced by Benaroya Pictures. The company said that it had secured an initial $50 million for the digital production of this comic. These works also must have added to Michael Benaroya's net worth. 

Did Something Different From His Family Business 

Michael Benaroya's family is a well-recognized family in the northwest. They were amongst the most prominent real estate developers. Michael was also expected to follow his family's footsteps and take over the real estate business. But he had always loved the cinema and chose this field in the end. 

Michael Benaroya's family

Benaroya personally financed "Margin Call" which was a $3.4 million movie nominated for an Academy Award for best screenplay. He has also won the Film Independent Spirit Awards for this movie. This way, Michael achieved a lot for his career and is now a known name in the Hollywood industry. 

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Published on 27 November, 2019

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