Michael Stipe Net Worth - What Is R.E.M's Lead Singer's Different Sources Of Earnings?

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Michael Stipe has a net worth of $75 million. Image Source: Billboard

John Michael Stipe or Michael Stipe has an estimated net worth of $75 million. He is an American singer, songwriter, and film producer. He is mostly known as the band member of the alternative rock band R.E.M. He has also worked on various movies and series.

Born on the 4th of January, 1960, Michael Stipe is currently in a relationship with artist Thomas Dozol. He was born in Georgia, USA. Michael has amassed a huge fortune from his various endeavors.

Net Worth and Sources of Income

As stated earlier, Michael Stipe's net worth stands at a whopping amount of $75 million. He started his musical career as the lead singer of the alternative rock band named R.E.M. The band has four members Peter Buck, Mike Mills, and Bill Berry including Michael Stipe. This band formed in 1980 but unfortunately, they disbanded in 2011.

Throughout the band's career, they released many albums and songs. This band has also won multiple Grammy Awards. Their albums can be bought on Amazon. Some of their albums with their respective CD prices are:

Albums Prices
Collapse into New $8.15
Fables of the Reconstruction $13.66
Lifes Richest Pageant $12.63
Green $21.24
Automatic for the People $63.43
Best of R.E.M $4.96
Accelerate $6.85
Dead Letter Office $10.03

R.E.M also has a YouTube channel where they have 711K subscribers. This band has been on various national as well as international tours and has sold millions of their albums. Michael Stipe must have also earned a huge sum of money as a member of this band.

Michael is also credited with more than 200 soundtracks for various TV series and movies. He has also recently released a song titled "Your Capricious Soul." Even after R.E.M.'s disbandment, Michael has continued to make music.

Career In The Film Industry

Michael Stipe has not limited his career to only music. He has also worked in the film industry alongside pursuing music. He is the producer of documentaries and movies such as Me at the Zoo, Stranger Inside, Johnny Berlin, American Movie, and many more. Michael Stipe's Single Cell film company started achieving success in 1999. It produced many films but the most-known film was Being John Malkovich, which was nominated for an Oscar Award.

Michael Stipe's career

Michael Stipe is also the owner of a film production company named C-IOO. He must have accumulated a large amount of money through his works in the film industry. Micheal has also said that he is passionate about photography and visual arts. He is often seen with a camera in hand and has captured many of R.E.M's moments. He has several books that have a collection of his photographies. 

With all the works he has done, it doesn't come off as a surprise knowing Michale Stipe's net worth is $75 million.

Michael Stipe's House

The talented musician Michael Stipe had sold his duplex penthouse in 2014. He sold this penthouse located in 533 Canal Street, Soho, for a staggering $9.6 million. This penthouse has three bedrooms, a kitchen designed by Mario Batali, and has views of the Hudson River.

Michael Stipe's house

This penthouse has an interesting celebrity past. Michael Stipe bought this house from Ben Affleck's younger brother, who bought it from director Gus Van Sant. Michael bought this house in 2007 for $5.75 million. 

Michael Stipe also has a partner Thomas Dozol. The long-time couple can be seen together visiting various places. They seem to be in a loving relationship. With a huge amount of net worth, Michael Stipe seems to be enjoying a luxurious lifestyle.

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