Mike Sievert Net Worth - Salary As CEO of T-Mobile And Other Ventures

BY REJINA Published on 21 February, 2021

Mike Sievert Net Worth

Mike Sievert earns an impressive amount of money as the CEO and President of T-Mobile company. Source: Facebook.

Birth Name G. Michael Sievert
Birth place Canton, Ohio, U.S.
Profession President And Chief Executive Officer
Nationality American
Hair Color Blonde

Mike Sievert is best-known as Chief Executive Officer and President of T-Mobile Company, which provides one of the fastest and largest 5G Network. He is an American businessman who leads a customer-crazed team of innovators and disruptors, working tirelessly over the last eight years to change the wireless rules. As a result, T-Mobile company is one of the fastest-growing 5G network providers.

Mike has been actively engaged in T-Mobile's significant corporate decisions since joining the company as a chief executive officer. So, Mike Sievert's net worth must be very high.

Net Worth and Earnings

Mike Sievert's net worth is undoubtedly counted in millions as he receives huge compensation and salary as the President and CEO of T-Mobile Company. His salary has significantly increased over the past few years because of all the essential responsibilities he has taken, which has helped the company grow and develop.

Mike Sievert net worth

Sievert managed to collect enormous wealth from his earnings as a member of the Board in T-Mobile Company. Due to the CEO payment system's variable nature, it's tough to say how much is his exact net worth.

According to Geekwire, Mike has a base salary of $1.2 million, short-term annual incentives of $2.4 million, and long-term incentives valued at $10.35 million earned as the CEO of T-Mobile. Besides that, Mike has not revealed the exact figure of his net fortune to the general public.

Earnings From His Early Career

Before graduating with a degree in management and economics, Mike worked at Procter and Gamble in the Brand Management Division. After spending six years of his early career at Procter And Gamble, he garnered experiences and some wealth.

Later on, Mike joined the IBM company while he was building his career. He worked as a program director, where he learned a diversified knowledge of how businesses operate. Besides that, the salary he received for this position also increase Sievert's net fortune.

Mike joined Clearwire in May 2009, where he worked as the Chief Commercial Officer and Chairman of the Operating Committee. From this role, he earned a handsome salary.

Mike left IBM when he was appointed at E*Trade Financial as the chief sales and marketing officer in October 1998. Here, we can see a clear pattern of Mike's progressive responsibility as he shifted from one position to another.

After having so much experience in a different role, he learned the ins and outs of managing the communications giants and proved himself a top businessman. Apart from this, Mike managed to accumulate massive wealth.

Mike Sievert, Co-Founder Of Switchbox Labs Inc.

Before joining T-Mobile company, Mike had a long-lasting career in marketing, technology, and entrepreneurship and held the all leading executive position in the companies, including service as a chief commercial officer at Clearwire and co-founder and chief executive officer of Switchbox Labs Inc.

With his partners, Robert Dickinson and Blake Ramsdell, Mike established this company in March 2008. For almost one year and three months, Sievert worked as a chief executive officer before Lenovo Inc acquired it in 2009.

After building the Switchbox company, Mike and his partners sold this company to Lenovo. However, there is no official disclosure regarding the terms and conditions of sales. Without a doubt, Mike took a gigantic amount of money from this sale.

Furthermore, Mike left his position at Switch Labs Incorporation to devote his undivided attention to new business development.

Income From T-Mobile Company 

Sievert entered T-Mobile Company in February 2012 as the Executive VP and Chief Marketing Officer and working in the job until February 2015 at the Bellevue, Washington Location.

Mike Sievert earnings and net worth

He was promoted to the title of Chief Operating Officer and President in February 2015. and he is still working in this position. Later on, in 2018, he was appointed to the Board Of Directors.

As CEO of T-Mobile Company, Mike is responsible for T-Mobile company's conversion into a 5G network. His focus is on ensuring that T-Mobile Company is the fastest-growing company with the best network and best experiences delivered by the best team.

Sievert is still working on this brand new-whirlwind to prove T-Mobile Company as one of the fastest-largest 5G Network. And also, Mike has to make executives, workers, customers, and investors happier and satisfied. For his hard work, Sievert must have been handsomely paid by the telecommunication giants.

According to Salary.Com, as President and Chief Executive Officer at T-Mobile company, Mike Sievert earned $16,369,704 in total compensation.

For the fiscal year 2019 end, his base pay was $1,200,000, but this is just a small portion of Mike's total amount for his company's service. Moreover, he earned  $3,576,000 as a bonus, $11,532,431 received as an award, and the remaining $61,273 made from other compensation types.

Mike Sievert's net worth is rapidly increasing every month and every passing time. Frankly saying, Mike must have a huge bank balance and live a luxurious life with his family.

Mike Sievert Lifestyle

Aforementioned, Mike Sievert is a famous businessman who hails from Canton, Ohio, USA. He currently works as the CEO and President of T-Mobile company and earns a tremendous amount of money, and lives a luxurious life. Furthermore, according to the Wall Mine, Mike had a net worth of $85.2 million back in June of 2019.

While he works at one of the most successful telecommunication companies, Mike has not revealed information regarding his family members. It seems his family members live an everyday life away from the limelight and media. Sievert is active on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, where he shares different posts.

Mike Sievert's Twitter account is filled with information about T-Mobile. He shared that his father was a talented marketing entrepreneur, and Sievert said he follows his father's path and misses him a lot. However, he also sometimes tweets about his family and has shared some pictures with his wife, Suzanne Sievert. He must be a nice husband and a doting father who loves to spend time with his wife and kid.

Trivia And Fact

  • Mike Sievert believes in encouraging the youth leaders of tomorrow.
  • He studied the Management, Economics, and Marketing program in 1987 at the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Mike Sievert stands at an average height.

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