How Much Is Richard Schaal's Daughter, Wendy Schaal's Net Worth?

BY REJINA Published on 22 February, 2021

Wendy Schaal's Net Worth
$6 million

Wendy Schaal has earned enormous amount as an actress and a voice artist. Sources: Wikimedia Commons.

Birth Name Wendy Joy Schaal
Birth place Chicago, lllinois, U.S
Profession Actress
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Hair Color Dark Blonde

Everyone knows Wendy Schaal for her work in Joe Dante films and the excellent voice-over role of Francine Smith in the show American Dad. She was born in Chicago, Illinois, the U.S, on 2 July 1954. Her mother's name is Lois Treacy Schall, and her father is Richard Schaal, an actor well known for his skill in improvisational comedy. Furthermore, behind her superb acting talent, Wendy's father, Richard Schaal, is a real inspiration.

Wendy is a talented and polished actress known for her work in movies such as Innerspace, The Burbs, and Small Soldiers. Since 1976, we can see her dedication to the movie industry. Here, we can clearly say that the talented actress must have earned a massive amount and has a colossal bank balance. And speaking of that, Wendy Schaal's net worth is $6 million.

Richard Schaal's Daughter, Wendy Schaal's Net Worth

As stated above, Wendy Schaal has an estimated net worth of $6 million, as mentioned in Celebrity Net Worth. She accumulated this fortune from her long and successful career in the entertainment industry.

Aforementioned, the legendary actor Richard Schaal has a beautiful daughter, Wendy Schaal. Here, in this article, we have cited every piece of information regarding Richard Schaal's daughter, Wendy Schaal's net worth.

Income From Television Career

Wendy Schaal had a humble beginning in the television industry. She made her debut role in the television series, Welcome Back, Kotter in the year 1976. Furthermore, her early work on television includes Fish, Little House on the Prairie, Rhoda, and many more.

Wendy Schaal has earned significant amount of money.

After performing Vicki Allen's role in her breakthrough series, in It's a Living, gave her fame and recognition. Along with those TV series, the actress also received several projects and helped to gain a significant amount per episode. 

Wendy Schaal's Earning From Movies

The Hollywood movie industry is a market where people desire to shine like a star by impressing a mass audience with their phenomenal acting. Among such is Wendy Schaal, an American actress who achieved immense love for her character in the Joe Dante films Innerspace, The Burbs, and Small Soldiers. 

All these movies have earned a massive amount of money in the box office collection. Some of Wendy's movies are listed below on the table with their earnings.

Movies Box Office Collection
Innerspace $25,893,810
The Burbs $36,601,993
Small Soldiers $$54,682,547

The majority of her movies are a massive success and helped in Schaal's net worth. If you want to know Wendy Schaal's movies list you can check on IMDb.

After portraying Mary Jo Guthires's character in her breakthrough movie, Bound of Glory, she achieved endless regards from the Hollywood industry and her fan following. Also, Wendy's brilliant role in Bound for Glory that denoted the start of her acting career in 1976 paved the way for her powerful scale-up in the career ladder. Along with those, the talented actress received several positive answers for her roles in film projects that helped her to earn an enormous amount and added to her net fortune.

Besides having different roles in television series and films, Schaal is famous for her excellent voice-over role as Francine Smith in American Dad. Furthermore, she has managed to earn money as a voice artist too. With 15 years of long-lasting tenure in the Hollywood industry, Wendy must have increased her wealth as an actress and voice artist and spends luxurious life with her kids.

Marriage And Divorce

Earning cash is essential. But more than that, love, respect, and time for the family are the most valuable wealth.

Talking about Wendy Schaal's marriage life, she tied her marital knot on September 4, 1977, with Stephen M. Schwartz. Unfortunately, not all people are made for one another. After ten years of long-lasting marital life, the couple divorced in October 1987.

Despite her marriage's failure, Wendy welcomed two children named Adam Schwartz and Victor Schwartz with her former husbandStephen M. Schwartz. So there must have been some kind of settlement for the divorce to be settled.


Without a doubt, Wendy Schaal is one of the most versatile and a very experienced actress who has been in the industry for many decades now. Looking at her career graph, we can easily state that she has grown a lot as a person and actress.

Richard Schaal's daughter, Wendy Schaal, is a beautiful and gorgeous actress still showing real acting skills under a fictional role.  As she keeps landing in new roles, Wendy will earn an incredible amount of money that will be added to her net fortune.

Trivia And Facts

  • Wendy Schaal's father, Richard Schaal, was married to Valerie Harper
  • Schaal is connected with a non-governmental organization named Greenpeace.
  • She achieved one of her first breaks when she appeared in an episode of the hit TV show MacGyver in 1998.

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