Ryan Calhoun Net Worth - Income And Earnings As A Country Music Singer

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Singer/Songwriter Ryan Calhoun has earned quite a bit of fame and wealth. Image Source: Ryan's Instagram.

Singer/Songwriter Ryan Calhoun is quite a popular name in the music industry and his songs have a great number of listeners. Ever since Ryan released his first song back in 2008, listeners knew that the man had a lot of talent, and with the release of every new song, Ryan manages to improve himself even more.

Ryan's songs have become so popular that they have earned him a considerable amount of wealth. In fact, Ryan Calhoun's net worth has been estimated to be at least a few hundred thousand with the $1 million-mark being not too far away. But how exactly did he manage to earn all of this money?

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Ryan Calhoun Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As stated prior, singer/songwriter Ryan Calhoun's net worth has been estimated to be at around a few hundred thousand. Of course, most of his wealth came from his career as a singer, but there are also some other sources of income. While his wealth may not be at the same level as many singers who started at around the same time, Ryan is still acknowledged as an amazing talent and his earnings and sources of income are proof of that.

Income From His Songs

Of course, because Ryan is known as an amazing talent in the music world, one would expect his earnings to be a generous amount. And one would not be mistaken to think that. On average, a singer/songwriter makes roughly $35,000 a year with the amount going upwards to $100,000 and based on the popularity of the person, can be even higher. In fact, some talents even get paid millions a year. While Ryan is not as famous to make his earnings of millions, we can expect Ryan Calhoun's earnings to be somewhere around $80K to $100K a year.

Ryan Calhoun singing

Ryan Calhoun's songs are so popular that they have been featured countless times on quite a few popular shows including Grey's Anatomy, The Kardashians, and One Tree Hill among many others. Because of such achievements, the estimated amount seems reasonable but for all we know, it could even be more.

Earnings From His Tours

Judging from his success, Ryan Calhoun's music is something that countless people want to listen to, and a good chunk of that number also want to see it being sung. So of course, Ryan would take this opportunity to have his fans listen to his songs. And what better way to do that than through music tours.

Information on Ryan Calhoun's concerts and tours are available on his official website and when they are available, tickets can be purchased directly from there as well. An extra for fans is that they can even request for concerts to be held in their city and with enough votes, it might just happen.

Income From His YouTube Channel

From everything that has been discussed above, it is clear already that Ryan Calhoun's songs have helped him earn a lot of money in various fields. And in an era where technology is rising and people want everything on their phones, it would also make sense for the singer to take this opportunity and earn some money. From where else other than YouTube. Ryan made his YouTube channel back in 2008 and while the views weren't as great in the beginning, the videos have managed to take off quite a bit. At the moment, Ryan's most popular song is Draining with over 33K views as of now.

Sadly, however, the views on his videos aren't consistent enough, because of which his earnings don't seem to have a proper estimate. But looking at how quickly Ryan is managing to earn fame, the views may skyrocket anytime, helping him earn quite a bit of money.

Earnings As An Actor

While many fans know of Ryan as an amazing singer, only a handful of die-hard fans know that Ryan was also once part of a TV movie series that lasted for three years. According to his IMDb page, Ryan had played the role of Mike Fowler in The Last Chance Detectives movie series. While his career lasted for a short time, he can at least say that he has also appeared on TV as an actor.

Because of his short time in the business, Ryan Calhoun's acting career did not earn him a lot of money. However, seeing that he appeared in three straight movies, each raking in quite a bit of money, we can expect Ryan to have made somewhere around a few tens of thousands, with the $100,000 still being quite possible. Nonetheless, we can say that Ryan Calhoun's net worth took off from his salary as an actor and has grown from there.


At the moment, Ryan Calhoun's wife, Chrissy Calhoun along with her husband, lives together in their humble abode in Franklin, Tenessee. The couple, along with Ryan Calhoun's children, Ace Chadwick Calhoun and Knox Presley Calhoun, loves spending time together as a family and often takes a few trips to different places.

Ryan Calhoun lifestyle

Because the kids are still young, it is unclear as to what they are talented in. But maybe in the future, we might see that the kids have inherited a talent for music from their dad and might just outshine him in the future. Nonetheless, it seems the family is living a wonderful and humble life together and are happy.

Facts And Trivia

  • He has over 11.7K followers in Instagram as of now.
  • The singer is Nashville based.
  • He considers Dave Grohl to be a big influence.

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Published on 24 April, 2020

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