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Adam Shapiro is a great actor who has won over the hearts of many. Image Source: Getty Images.

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Adam Shapiro
Birth Day 02/24/1980
Birth place Brooklyn
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Husband/Wife Katie Lowes
College/University University of Maryland
Children Albee Lowes
Height 5' 11" (1.8 m)
Eye color Black
Hair Color Black

Adam Shapiro is a well-known star, and with a great number of roles in numerous shows and movies, there are very few, if not any, who have yet to hear his name. His success in the business makes him one of the more admired stars and the number of his admirers is in no way small.

Adam's huge fan base also attracts several questions, including what his background is, how much Adam Shapiro's net worth is, and many others. The answers to all of these might be in his short wiki below.

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Born on February 24th, 1980 in Brooklyn, Adam Shapiro was someone whose talents were more than visible since he was just a young boy. While information about Adam Shapiro's family is something that is still kept under the curtains, the fact that he was interested in performing ever since he was little is not a secret. And surely his parents must have supported him in his decision as well.

Slowly his hobby turned into a passion, and he would appear in many of his plays throughout his school and college. After graduating from the University of Maryland, Adam moved on and became a model, and slowly began a new chapter in his life, the chapter that described his new self beginning with a new career.

Adam Shapiro Net Worth And Career

Adam Shapiro has more than a few credits as an actor in his name, and some are quite iconic. Adam's roles in The Good Lord Bird, Never Have I Ever, and Sense8 are just some of his more well-known works. Starting out as a model and moving onto broadway, helped Adam earn a spot in Hollywood, and with every appearance, he only manages to prove why he is so deserving of his roles.

Adam Shapiro career

Because of how popular he has become, it is no wonder that Adam Shapiro's net worth is quite high. He has also acted in top movies such as Steve Jobs, & Now You See Me.

In fact, there are multiple sites that suggest that Adam's wealth has been estimated to be anywhere between $500K to $1 million, if not more. And looking at his years of experience as an actor, it might just be more. As for Adam Shapiro's wife, Katie Lowes' net worth has been estimated to be $2 million.

Who Is Adam Shapiro's Wife?

Many might already know, but there are some who believe that Adam is still single, solely from the fact that he seems so young. However, they would fall in disbelief knowing that Adam Shapiro is not only married but also has a beautiful son. Adam met Katie Lowes, his then crush, while she was still working as a waitress as a restaurant. Adam arrived in a suit early in the morning at around seven and tried to get Katie's number. At the time, it seemed that no one expected this odd pair to be a thing, let alone get married, but looks like everything worked out perfectly.

The adorable pair of Adam Shapiro and Katie Lowes have been married since 23 June 2012.

Adam Shapiro wife Katie Lowes

Adam Shapiro's partner and the love of his life, Katie Lowes is also someone well-known as an actress for movies like Wreck-It Ralph, Side Effects, and Frozen, among many others and she herself has quite a big fan base. As for Adam Shapiro's son, Albee Lowes was born on October 4th, 2017 and while the parents try to hide the face of their child, it is no secret that Albee looks adorable.


At the moment, it seems that Katie Lowes' husband, Adam Shapiro, along with his family are living in their beautiful home and continuing to make many memories together. Trying to travel and spend time together whenever the opportunity allows, the couple has managed to form an indestructible bond that will never falter.

Trying out new things and having fun, as well as keeping their fans and followers on social media up to date, both Adam and Katie are people who appreciate their fans and followers. And their son, Albee might also grow up to become just like his parents, kind, grateful, and above all, talented. And while many have already started speculating for Albee to become an actor like his parents, it will ultimately be on him to decide what he wants to become. And his parents will only support his decision.

Facts And Trivia

  • Has over 22.6K followers on Instagram as of now.
  • Is a major foodie.
  • He is an amazing cook.
  • His nickname is Shappy

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