Brandon Henschel - Choreographer and Melissa Schuman's Husband

BY CHIRAG Published on 04 June, 2020

Brandon Henschel is a well-known dancer and choreographer. Image Source: Brandon's Instagram.

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Brandon Nicholas Henschel
Birth Day 01/24/1981
Birth place Lakeside, California, USA
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Profession Choreographer
Husband/Wife Melissa Schuman
Children Elin Elijah Henschel
Height 6' 1"
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Brown

Known as a very versatile dancer, Brandon Henschel is considered to be one of the best dancers and choreographers out there. He has taught several well-known stars in his career and there are reportedly no dance styles that Brandon has not seen or done himself.

Childhood and Early Life

Born on January 24th, 1981 as Brandon Nicholas Henschel, Brandon was a kid who always enjoyed dancing. Even as a kid, he would often participate in his school dance programs and would often take part in dance competitions. His talents were clearly visible on him since a young age, which he decided to sharpen and make a career out of.

Soon after graduation, Brandon started making a name for himself, teaching various dance classes, getting involved with celebrity stars, and thus choosing to make a career out of it. All in all, we can say that Brandon's childhood was one where he not only learned of his skills but also sharpened it enough to make a name and career for himself. We bet that his parents & family must be very proud of him.

Career And Brandon Henschel's Net Worth

As stated prior, Brandon Henschel's career as a dancer and choreographer started shortly after he graduated from college. Not only was he making a career out of dancing by teaching in several classes, but he even managed to find his way into concerts and movies, where he would work as a choreographer and dancer. Starting from the year 2000, Brandon started appearing in quite a few TV series and movies where his main role as a cast member was to be a dancer.

His latest work, Lip Sync Battle, was a show where several stars would take on the stage and do a lip sync battle each week. The audience would be the judge deciding who lip-synced the best, and alongside Brandon were some well-known stars including, Kevin Hart, Zendaya, and Tom Holland among many others. Brandon also has his own YouTube channel from where he makes a bit of money as well as doing dance classes for the South Coast Conservatory. He also has his own Twitch channel, where he does dance videos.

Brandon Henschel

Seeing such a wonderful career life, it becomes apparent that Brandon has managed to make quite a bit of money throughout the years. In fact, Brandon Henschel's net worth has been estimated to be at around $200K to $400K, while Brandon Henschel's wife, Melissa Schuman's net worth has been expected to be just under $1 million.

Who Is Brandon Henschel's Wife? Is He Married?

As mentioned, Brandon is married, and it is none other than the American actress and model, Melissa Schuman. The couple had met back in 2003 and not long after, the two started going out. To most of the peers, it seemed that the two were madly in love with each other and that it wouldn't be long before they would tie the knot. In fact, less than three years into their relationship, Brandon had popped the question in January of 2006, and of course, she said yes.

A few months later, on June 7th, of the same year, the beautiful couple shared their vows and became husband and wife. Then four years later, the couple welcomed their son, Elin Elijah Henschel, and had completed the family. Elin too is a wonderful dancer like his father and on Brandon's YouTube channel, the father and son have even had a dance-off.

All in all, it is clear that Brandon has a wonderful family that he loves and they too love him unconditionally. While the family of three is living a happy life together, fans are hoping and expecting news of a fourth member to be released soon, and who knows, it might not be long before it is.


At the moment, it seems that Brandon is living a comfortable life with his family of three and enjoying every free time he manages to get. The family often likes to spend time together and go on picnics every now and again, while also catching up with their friends and family. A quick look through Brandon or Melissa's Instagram also shows that very often, the family meets up with their old friends and family and always cherish the moment.

When he has free time, Brandon is with his family, but other than that, Brandon makes sure to follow a strict schedule with enough time allotted for training in the gym and working out. His schedule is also very well organized and it is very rare for him to mess it up. Therefore, we can say that while Melissa Schuman's husband Brandon is a family man, he also makes sure to be serious with work and knows where to be where at what time and do what, which is an amazing characteristic.

Facts And Trivia

  • He has over 3.5K followers on Instagram.
  • He was a backup dancer for Britney Spears.

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