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Chris Stuckmann is a well-known YouTuber and filmmaker. Image Source: Film Geek Guy.

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Fact Value
Birth Name Christopher Stuckmann
Birth Day 04/15/1988
Birth place Ohio, United States
Zodiac Sign Aries
Nationality American
Profession YouTuber, Filmmaker, Author
Husband/Wife Sam Liz
Height 6 feet 4 inches
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Brown

Christopher Stuckmann or Chris Stuckmann, as many know, is a popular YouTuber. A creative mind, Chris is also a writer and producer of many movies and series. He has worked in various departments of the film making industry.

Chris Stuckmann has made a lot of fans through his social media accounts, especially YouTube. Doing what he loves to do the most, Chris has become quite successful through his careers.

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Net Worth and Career

The talented Chris Stuckmann's net worth has not been revealed to the public yet. However, he is a well-known film critic, filmmaker, author and also a YouTuber. He has a YouTube channel named Chris Stuckman where he has over 1.66 million subscribers. In this channel, he mainly posts movie reviews and movie-related content.

According to SocialBlade, Chris Stuckmann earns an estimated monthly income of $2.9K - $47.1K and a yearly estimated income of $35.4K - $565.6K from his YouTube channel alone. 

As stated above, Chris Stuckmann is also a filmmaker and film critic. He started filmmaking in 2002 and has directed over 200 short films. Chris had developed a love for movies from a small age. He then turned his passion into his career and has won many awards for his remarkable works. He is mostly known for his work in short films such as Notes from Melanie, Auditorium 6, Drinking Game, and many more. Looking at his works, we can assume that Chris Stuckmann has a considerable amount of net worth.

Tattoos and Books

It seems like Chris Stuckmann also loves getting his body inked. He has got several tattoos on his right arm. On being asked whether he wanted full sleeve tattoos on both of his arms, Chris replied "Just the one for now. We'll see." He has revealed that he gets his tattoos from the artist B Hendrix.

Chris Stuckmann's tattoos

He has a tattoo of the characters, Faye and Spike, from the science-fiction anime "Cowboy Bebop" on his upper arm. He also has a tattoo of Mokoto Kusanagi from the anime Ghost in the Shell and a tattoo of the cat baron statue from the Studio Ghibli movie Whisper of the Heart on his forearm. He has also said that if he gets more ideas, he would like to get more tattoos. 

Chris Stuckmann's tattoo

Chris Stuckmann is also a published author. He has written three books so far which are listed below:

  • Anime Impact: The Movies and Shows that Changed the World of Japanese Animation" 
  • The Film Buff's Bucket List
  • The Rise of Comic Book Movies.

All of Chris Stuckmann's books can be purchased on platforms such as Amazon. 

Chris Stuckmann's Wife and Children

The multitalented Chris Stuckmann's wife Sam Liz is also a YouTuber. The pair of Chris and Sam got married on September 20, 2014. The couple seems to be very much in love and often post pictures of each other on their Instagram account (@chrisstuckmann and @lizzyraccoon).

Furthermore, in her channel "Sam Liz", Chris's partner posts videos generally about her day-to-day life. She first started her channel with some book reviews.

Chris Stuckmann's wife

Chris Stuckmann and his wife Sam Liz do not have any children yet. However, they live together with their two dogs Indy and Zeev. There are many pictures of these two dogs scattered all over the married couple's Instagram. 

Family and Personal Life

Information about the film critic Chris Stuckmann's parents has not been disclosed to the media yet. It seems like they are secretive people and have been successful in keeping their life under the covers. 

Chris Stuckmann's bio

Chris Stuckmann has also worked in the upcoming short film Penance. We are sure that his fans are eagerly waiting for more of his works. 

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Published on 26 December, 2019

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