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BY CHIRAG Published on 18 May, 2020

Paul George's partner, Daniela Rajic has been a topic of discussion among many fans and is a wonderful person. Image Source; Paul's Instagram.

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Daniela Rajic
Birth Day 11/12/1990
Birth place Queens, New York, US
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Profession Businesswoman
Dating Partner Paul George
College/University University of Miami
Children Olivia George, Natasha George
Personal Website https://nudeswim.co/
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Black

Basketball player, Paul George's partner, Daniela Rajic is someone who has managed to get a lot of fans in the last few years. Not only that but her relationship with Paul has also helped her earn quite a bit of fame, to say the least, and naturally, with fame comes questions.

As Rajic started getting popular, more and more people have been trying to learn as much as they can about her and if you happen to be looking for the same, make sure to stick till the end.


Born on the 12th of November, 1990, Paul George's girlfriend, Daniela Rajic is someone who has been earning quite a bit of fame as a popular Instagram model. Having Serbian origin, Daniela is someone who managed to have a wonderful life with her family while growing up and was also fairly good at her studies.

Later, Daniela joined the University of Miami from where she graduated. 

Daniela Rajic Net Worth And Career

While she was studying, Daniela was independent, and like most college students, she did have some difficulties. She started out as a dancer in strip clubs around the Florida area to support herself and continued it even after graduation. She then started out working as a stripper at one of the most popular places across America, Tootsies. However, now Daniela is someone who owns her own swim line called NUDESWIM.

Daniela Rajic career

Sometime after meeting Paul George, Daniela decided to spend her time with him. She quit her job and moved in with Paul, and opened her own swimsuit line, NUDESWIM alongside Sarah Nesser, and is now also a full-time wonder mom. At the time, looking at the success of her swimsuit line, one wouldn't need to guess that she is worth quite a bit. In fact, some sites claim for Daniela Rajic's net worth to be at least $500K or more. As for her partner, Paul George's net worth is estimated at $60 million.

Relationship Status

There have been many controversies regarding the relationship between Paul George and Daniela Rajic. While many consider the two to still be in their girlfriend-boyfriend stage, there have been some rumors that say that their relationship is even deeper, especially so because they share two beautiful children together. The rumor of the two being engaged surfaced back in 2019 when a sparkly ring was spotted on Daniela's finger in one of her old posts, which sadly no longer appears.

Daniela Rajic engaged

As such, many presume that while the two share a wonderful and deep relationship, the couple are yet to tie the knot and that seems to be the case. So when news of the couple finally sharing their vows surfaces, fans will likely make a lot of noise in support. And it may not be long before the news does surface.


At the moment, the family of four, Paul, Daniela, and Paul George's children, Natasha George and Olivia George are living a wonderful life in their beautiful house. While the couple has had to face online rumors and controversies regarding their relationship, it seems that the couple truly shares the best of feelings for their significant other.

While there are hundreds who believe that those rumors are real, there are thousands more who truly believe that Paul and Daniela's relationship is shared with a strong bond. Nonetheless, the couple has been living a wonderful life together and it seems that in the time to come, it will only get stronger.

Facts And Trivia

  • She has more than 196K followers on Instagram as of now.
  • She is a wonderful tennis player.
  • She loves to swim.

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