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Daniela Taplin Lundberg is a well-known producer. Image Source: Stay Gold Features.

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Daniela Taplin Lundberg
Nationality American
Profession Producer
Parents Jonathan Taplin, Rosanna DeSoto
Sibling Nichlas Taplin, Blythe Taplin, Sylvana Ward Durrett,
College/University Princeton University
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Blonde

Daniela Taplin Lundberg is a producer mostly known for her works on Harriet, Honey Boy, Beasts of No Nation, Under the Silver Lake, Intern, and many more. Her works have been nominated for various awards.

Daniela Taplin Lundberg was born to producer Jonathan Taplin and actress Rosanna DeSoto. She has two brothers named Nicholas Taplin and Blythe Taplin, and a half-sister named Sylvana Ward Durrett. 

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Net Worth and Sources of Income

Daniela Taplin Lundberg's net worth has not been revealed to the public yet. She has amassed most of her fortune through her career as a producer. She is mostly known for her work on movies and series such as Life Partners, What Maisie Knew, A Ciambra, The Romantics, and many more. Her works have been nominated for awards such as Film Independent Spirit Awards, Awards Circuit Community Awards, and many more. Daniela has produced over 30 films, including the Golden Globe Best Picture winner The Kids Are All Right.

Daniela Taplin Lundberg net worth

Furthermore, Daniela Taplin Lundberg is also the founder of Stay Gold Features. This is a film fund and production company. Rebecca Cammarata is the director of development for this company whereas Vaness Mendel is the executive assistant. More about this company can be found on their official website. This company also has an Instagram account where they post about the works they have done. Throughout her career, the producer has worked with names such as Amy Kaufman, Gary Gilbert, Daniel Crown, and many more. Daniela Taplin Lundberg must have accumulated a considerable sum of money from all of her works. 

Parents and Siblings

Daniela Taplin Lundberg's parents are prominent names in the Hollywood Industry. Her father Jonathan Trumbull Taplin is an American writer, scholar, and film producer. He is mostly known for his works on movies and series such as Mean Streets, The Last Waltz, The Gravy Train, and many more. Much like her father, Daniela also graduated from Princeton University. Daniela Taplin Lundberg's mother Rosanna DeSoto is an American actress who has worked in many movies and series such as The Bold and the Beautiful, Thicker Than Blood, and Wooly Boys. With both her parents in the film industry, it is of no surprise that Daniela also chose this career. 

Daniela's half-sister from her mother's side, Sylvana Ward Durrett works as the director of special events at Vogue. She is also the co-founder and CEO of Maisonette. The sisters seem to be quite close to each other. They had organized a grand Great Gatsby-themed party to celebrate Sylvana's 30th and Daniela's 35th birthday. Although they are half-siblings, they are said to behave like twins. 

Daniela Taplin Lundberg and sister Sylvana Ward Durrett

In total, the talented Daniela has three siblings. She has two brothers named Blythe Taplin and Nicholas Taplin, and a half-sister named Sylvana Ward Durrett. Much about Blythe and Nicolas Taplin has not been revealed so far. 

Daniela Taplin Lundberg's Husband and Personal Life

Information about Daniela Taplin Lundberg's husband has not been revealed to the public yet. She also has three children. Although she has talked about her husband and family in several interviews, it seems that her family likes to live a low key life. 

Daniela Taplin Lundberg's husband

Much about Daniela Taplin Lundberg's personal life has also not been disclosed so far. Her Instagram account (@dtlun) has also been kept private. It seems like Daniela is a secretive person and does not like her private life to be in the spotlight of the media. 

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Published on 04 December, 2019

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