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Erik Von Detten is well-known as a handsome and charming actor who has appeared in several shows. Image Source: Angela's Instagram.

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Erik Thomas Von Detten
Birth Day 10/03/1982
Birth place San Diego, California, US
Zodiac Sign Libra
Nationality American
Profession Actor
Parents Volker Von Detten, Susan Von Detten
Husband/Wife Angela Chen aka Angela von Detten
Sibling Dolly Von Detten, Britta Von Detten, Andrea Von Detten, Timothy Von Detten
Net Worth $2 million
Children Claire Von Detten
Height 6' 11"
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Blond

Erik von Detten is well-known as a charming and handsome actor who has appeared on more than a few well-known shows. His success as an actor is worth noting but despite all the fame and fortune he has received, he continues to be humble and not show off anything.

Because of such a wonderful character, paired with his unbelievable skills, he has managed to earn a great many fans who all want to know more about him.

Family and Siblings

Born on October 3rd, 1982 as Erik Thomas von Detten, the star grew up in a family of seven. Erik von Detten's siblings are sisters Dolly Von Detten, Britta Von Detten, Andrea Von Detten, and a brother named Timothy Von Detten. His parents are named Volker Von Detten, and Susan Von Detten. Growing up in a big family, Erik was not someone who was pampered and was always taught the values of honesty, generosity, and being humble, all of which are still qualities that he cherishes.

Ever since he was young, Erik was very talented and he would often take part in plays while still in school. His talents were not hidden and people around him knew that there was a star in the making, and sure enough, he did not disappoint anyone.

Erik von Detten Net Worth and Career

After completing his school, Erik did not take long to find himself among well-known stars in movies. His first role was a minor character as a choir member in All I Want For Christmas and he wasn't even ten years old at the time. He managed to score big in 1992 when he became a recurring cast member in Days Of Our Lives and that marked the beginning of a great career.

Child star Erik Von Detten

Since then, Erik has appeared in many well-known shows and movies including So Weird, Toy Story, Complete Savages, The Princess Diaries, and is even set to appear in The Tonopah Five. All of this shows that he is an amazing actor and of course that means he earns quite a bit of money. Erik Von Detten's salary is said to be a few tens of thousands and probably goes up to a million. As such his wealth is quite high. As of writing this article, Erik Von Detten's net worth has been estimated to be at $2 million and is expected to increase pretty soon.

And knowing the talented man that he is, it probably won't be long before that happens.

Who Is Erik von Detten's Wife?

Many people who knew the actor as a star, had a crush on him for a pretty long time. But they were devastated when they heard that someone managed to steal his heart away before them, and that person is Erik Von Detten's wife, Angela Von Detten and they even share a beautiful daughter together. The lovely couple has been married since September of 2018. Erik Von Detten's daughter Claire Von Detten was born on May 17th of 2019 and she is the cutest thing ever.

Erik Von Detten wedding

While many young women were devastated to find out this news, it also meant that their favorite star has a beautiful family now. Their jealousy turned to love and now all of the actor's fans wish for the couple to have a happy life together with their beautiful family.


At the moment, the family of three seems to be living a wonderful life together in their beautiful home in Venice, California, and seems to be having a wonderful life together. The family is very outdoorsy and they often spend their time together traveling to different places and enjoy activities like surfing, skiing, and tennis among other outdoorsy activities. 

Aside from doing outdoor activities, Erik likes to spend his time playing the piano, taking pictures, and such, and he is very talented at it. Nonetheless, it seems that the couple's time is spent wonderfully, and it doesn't seem like it will ever come to an end.

Facts And Trivia

  • Has a private Instagram account.
  • His Favorite Books are "Catcher in the Rye" and "James and the Giant Peach".
  • His nickname is The Bear.

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Published on 12 May, 2020

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