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Jayne Taini is an American actress who has starred in many films, TV series, and plays. Image Source: IMDb.

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Fact Value
Birth Name Jayne Taini
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Height 5 feet 2 inches
Weight 220 lbs
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Grey

Jayne Taini is an American actress who is mostly known for starring in the hit tv series Ray Donovan. She is from Seattle, Washington and moved to Los Angeles to continue her acting journey. Jayne is also a voice actor and a stage actor. She has been part of various plays and has voiced characters in many animated TV series and video games. 

Jayne has been acting since 1982. While most of her roles have been small, she has a significant impact on viewers and costars alike because of her acting and her impeccable accents.

Net Worth And Earnings

Jayne Taini started her acting career from Frances in an uncredited role. She was part of various other movies in small characters like Chase, Bombs Away, Vice, The Jury, and many more. Her most recent movie role is in Sanzaru, a horror movie where she portrays Dena Regan. With all these movie roles, however small it was, the actress must have gotten a significant amount of money from them, which helped in Jayne Taini's net worth to increase.

More than movies, Jayne Taini is mostly known for her appearance in many TV series. She has guest-starred in series like Shameless, NCIS: Los Angeles, Young Sheldon, etc. Her most prominent role in a TV series came in Ave 43, where she played Viv. However, playing Harriet Greenberg in hit TV series Ray Donovan made her very popular. In an interview, Taini stated that the series had changed her career. She said that people now recognize her as the character she played in the series. So to assume Jayne's salary is a commendable one, must not be of any harm.

Along with movies and TV series, Taini has been in many plays. She has participated in plays like Lost In Yonkers, Ghosts, A Doll's House, The Merry Widow, etc.

Looking at her filmography, we can assume that Jayne Taini's earnings must be pretty high, which assists to her net worth.

Accents And Voice Over

Working in the movie industry is very challenging as one has to be able to do many different accents for the characters they portray. For Jayne Taini though, this seems to be a piece of cake. Taini has been known to do multiple accents from Australian to Polish accent. Where many actors and actresses struggle to sound authentic while playing a character, Taini efficiently manages to sound like she is supposed too. 

Jayne Taini Accent.

Hearing her speak in different accents in the movies and series is always a pleasure. And with so many upcoming movies under her belt, we can be sure to hear more from the actress.

Family Life And Relationships

Jayne Taini is from Seattle, Washington, and is living in Los Angeles now. Her personal life and relationships have been a mystery to everyone, and there is no mention of Jayne's family anywhere. However, in an interview, she mentioned her parents. She said that her father while watching her mother do something, said that "Women are so strong," which helped her learn to really look at people and read them.

Jayne Taini Life.

Even after working in the industry for many years, Jayne has never been linked to anyone romantically. There are no reports about her potential husband or partner. Nevertheless, we wish Jayne opens up more about her life, family, and relationships in the upcoming days.

Social Media

Jayne Taini is an active social media user. She has a Twitter account where she mostly posts about her works. Also, Taini is always talking about politics and other social issues.

Jayne Taini Bio.

Looking at her social media activities, we can say that Jayne is very vocal about various social issues and hope that she continues to do the same always.


  • Jayne used to dye her hair grey so that she could get cast in projects. She was always regarded as "the mother" even in her twenties due to her build.
  • She trained in acting in Los Angeles before moving back to Seattle to do theatre.
  • She opened her own theatre company in Seattle and produced and starred in plays because she wanted to play roles that she loved.

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Published on 24 February, 2020

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