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Larry Fortensky was the seventh and last husband of actress Elizabeth Taylor. Image Source: Getty Images.

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Birth Name Lawrence Lee Fortensky
Birth Day 01/17/1952
Birth place Stockton, California, USA
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Nationality American
Profession Construction Worker
Parents Harold 'Pete' Fortensky and Dorothy 'Dot' McGill
Husband/Wife Elizabeth Taylor(Late ex-wife)
Sibling Leslie Fortensky and Linda Fortensky
Died On 07/07/2016
College/University Pacifica High School, Garden Grove, California
Children Julie Fortensky
Hair Color Blonde

Elizabeth Taylor's lovelife was one of the most popular headlines back in the day. From eight marriages with seven different people, including Michael Wilding and Richard Burton, she never failed to catch the media's attention. And Larry Fortensky was the seventh and the last of Elizabeth Taylor's husbands.

Larry was a construction worker, while Taylor was one of the biggest stars of that time. It is almost bizarre to think about how the two must have met. But love can happen at any moment at any time. If you are one of the curious ones out there who are dying to know more about what led Larry to met Elizabeth, stick with us till the end.

Early Life and Family

Born as Lawrence Lee Fortensky in  Stockton, California, to parents Harold 'Pete' Fortensky and  Dorothy 'Dot' McGill, Larry was the eldest of the three siblings- the other two being his younger sisters, Leslie Fortensky and Linda Fortensky. Coming from a working-class family, it wasn't easy financially for him to grow up.

When in 10th grade, Larry left his school, Pacifica High School, to work as a painter and construction worker. He was into construction work from an early age, but whether it was his passion or need that led him to drop school is anyone's guess. He was later drafted into the US army in 1972 but was discharged after only three months. 

Larry Fortensky Net Worth And Career

As we have already mentioned, Larry was a construction worker, and construction workers are not paid that much. He was working hard day night but only getting minimum wage. But he told in an interview that he loved his work. He said that when he was not working, he got rusty, and he liked the work he did- the dirt, the mountains, and the big machines.

Larry Fortensky Bio

After marrying Elizabeth, Larry was more so dependent upon Taylor and her fortune. During the marriage, they even had a contract that if the marriage lasted five years, Larry would get $1 Million. And like that, their marriage ended after precisely five years, with Larry receiving a hefty paycheck. Larry did not want to be known as  Elizabeth Taylor's husband or Mr. Elizabeth Taylor, which led to their divorce. Larry bought a three-bedroom house with the money he got from his divorce in 2002. Elizabeth even left him a will of $800,000 following her death. 

So, Larry Fortensky's net worth must have been of an impressive figure at the time of his death, given the amount he got for being Elizabeth Taylor's husband. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Elizabeth Taylor's net worth was about $600 Million at the time of her death in 2011.

Larry's Ex-Wives and Daughters

Before marrying Elizabeth Taylor, Larry had married twice and divorced twice. He married his first wife, Priscilla Torres, in 1972, with whom he had a daughter named Julie. The couple later separated in 1974. He became a grandfather in his thirties from his daughter Julie. Julie later estranged herself from Larry.

Larry married his, then, second wife Karin McNeal, in 1976. Although this marriage lasted more than his previous one, the couple did not bear any children. According to IMDb, they formerly separated in 1984 when Larry filed a restraining order claiming his wife, who was a lab technician, threatened him of bodily harm. But she claimed that drunken Larry choked her in front of her mother and torn apart her lab coat. Larry's extensive use of alcohol and drugs may be the reason for his failed marriages.

Larry And Elizabeth Taylor's Relationship

Larry Fortensky met Elizabeth Taylor met one another in the most unforeseen circumstances. Larry was substance dependent, and with his insurance, he was in for treatment at Betty Ford Center, where he met the most beautiful girl of his life Elizabeth Taylor. After more encounters, the couple fell in love. Although Larry being much younger than Elizabeth, the two loved each other wholeheartedly and married in one of the most spectacular weddings, hosted by none other than Michael Jackon in 1991. Their marriage costed more than a million-dollar with paparazzi helicopters flying over the ceremony.

Larry Fortensky with wife Elizabeth Taylor

Larry and Elizabeth both loved each other, and even after their divorce, the two were still close, and Taylor even helped Larry pay the mortgage fee for his house to keep it out of foreclosure back in 2009. 

Larry Fortensky's Death

After his beloved ex-wife, Elizabeth Taylor's death in 2011, Larry was diagnosed with skin cancer, which ultimately led to his death during surgery due to complications. Larry was looked after by his step-sister Donna Lacy in his later years. After his remains were cremated, it was given to his sister Linda. Larry and Taylor's love story came to an end in an unforeseen circumstance, just like their first meeting. As both souls are now away from this world, may they rest in peace. 

Quick Facts

  • Larry Fortensky was arrested multiple times for drunk driving and substance abuse.
  • He had a near-death experience in 1999 when he fell down a flight of stairs at his home.
  • He was in a coma for six months and had short term memory loss.
  • Just like Elizabeth, Larry became a grandfather in his late thirties. 

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