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Maria Burton is the adopted daughter of Hollywood stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Image Source: Social Media.

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Birth Name Maria Burton
Birth Day 08/01/1961
Birth place Munich, Germany
Nationality American
Parents Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton
Children Elizabeth Carson and Richard
Eye color Brown
Hair Color Dark Brown

Oscar-winning actress Elizabeth Taylor is widely famous for her relationships throughout her career. The relationship that sticks out the most is with her co-star from 'Cleopatra,' Richard Burton. The former couple Richard and Elizabeth, married in 1964, and their wedding was cited as the wedding of the century. Although the couple did not have any biological children, they had adopted a German orphan from Munich who was later named as Maria Burton.

Maria is the third of Richard Burton's daughters. The other two being Kate Burton and Jessica Burton. Unlike the other two, Kate followed her father's footsteps and became an actor. In this article, we will go through some crucial moments of Richard Burton's daughter Maria's life.

Early Life And Family

As mentioned earlier, Maria was adopted by Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor from their trip to Munich, Germany. At that time, Burton was still married to his first wife, Sybil Christopher, and Elizabeth Taylor was with her third husband, Michael Todd. There isn't any information about Maria's original parents, but the parents she got were more than enough for her to enjoy her life. 

Maria Burton's father Richard Burton and mother Elizabeth Taylor.

Maria was found as a baby crippled with a malformed hip, and later, she was subjected to a series of 22 operations to correct congenital disabilities in her hips. She gained a lot of popularity for being the daughter of two of the most iconic actors of that time. Richard and Elizabeth had their differences, but even when apart, they took care of their daughter, wholeheartedly. 

Maria has a total of five siblings altogether, two from her father, Richard-Jessica Burton and Kate Burton, and three from her mother- Christopher WildingMichael Wilding Jr., and Liza Todd.

Maria Burton Net Worth And Career

Maria had an engaging childhood filled with stardom and spotlight. She used to travel with her parents wherever they went and accompanied them. Other than that, there is no information about how she established herself in the career she liked. Maria's father, Richard Burton, and mother, Elizabeth Taylor, were the lovers that could not be separated. Even after multiple divorces, the two were still the best of friends. 

Maria Burton bio

Maria had to go through her parents' divorce twice, but she came out fine because of all the love Elizabeth had for her children; she was raised by Elizabeth alone after the death of Richard in 1984 at the age of 58. Today Maria must be reminiscing about her times with her parents that were so precious to her. She even attended a ceremony honoring her father, Richard Burton, with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame next to Elizabeth Taylor's star on March 1, 2013, in Hollywood, California. 

As we don't know what career she chose and what she is doing currently, Maria Burton's net worth can be only speculative. Maria's parents were both celebrated actors. At the time of their death, according to Celebrity Net Worth, Richard Burton's net worth was about $50 Million, and Elizabeth Taylor's Net Worth was $600 Million. So, Maria must have gotten her fair share from both of her parents. Well, according to an article, Richard left a grand sum of $279,000 to Maria Burton during his death.,

Maria Burton's Husbands And Children

Well, MAria Burton has been married twice in her life. She was first married to Daniel Carson and later on to Tom McKeown.

Maria's First Husband 

Maria married Daniel S. Carson on Feb. 13, 1981. She had a daughter with him named Elizabeth Carson presumably after her grandmother Elizabeth Taylor. But the relationship between them degraded pretty soon. Daniel even sued Maria after she took their daughter secretly from him in New York to Elizabeth's Los Angeles home. He also reported that $7000 from their joint account was also missing. Although the exact date of their separation is still unknown, it must have been shortly afterward. 

Maria's daughter Elizabeth then stayed with her grandmother until she was in high school on her Bel Air home. She had the luxury of spending her time with Elizabeth Taylor. According to sources, Elizabeth Taylor used to do the hair and make-up for her granddaughter and they even went on a trip together to the Dominican Republic when she was 17.

Maria's Second Husband

Maria married her second husband, Tom McKeown, back in 2001, and they had a son named Richard after his maternal grandfather. The two shared a complicated relationship like her previous marriage. In 2003, Maria had to flee from her husband's house to her mother, Taylor's Bel Air home in California, taking little Richard with her.

McKeown was under a restraining order after verbally abusing and showing violence towards Maria and Richard. Even though he claimed those charges were false, and Maria was the culprit by not being a good mother, she had full support from her mother and friends.

Since that incident, there has not been any update regarding their relationship. About Maria Burton's husband, too, there have not been any updates regarding his whereabouts. So at this moment, we can be patient and wait in hopes of getting to know about this star kid who likes to keep a low profile. 

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Published on 06 September, 2020

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