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Joel Selvin is a musical critic and author with many fans. Image Source: YouTube.

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Fact Value
Birth Name Joel Selvin
Birth Day 02/14/1950
Birth place Berkely, California, US
Zodiac Sign Aquarius
Nationality American
Profession Author, Journalist, Music Critic, Screenwriter
College/University University of California, Riverside
Children Carla
Personal Website
Eye color Blue
Hair Color Gray

Joel Selvin has been a music critic for almost 50 years now, and he is known as one of the top critics in the music industry. His name is quite well-known among top stars and his work is also greatly appreciated. With so many interviews under his belt, Joel is one of the more established critics in the business. So it goes without saying that Joel has quite a lot of fans.

As such, Joel's fans and several musicians are always looking out for information about him. However, despite all the recognition, there is still a lot that is unknown about Joel Selvin. So, for those fans wanting to know all there is to know about him, make sure to stick till the end of this article.


Born on February 14th, 1950 in Berkely, California, Joel Selvin had a somewhat difficult life growing up. He attended Berkely High School but sadly was unable to graduate with his class in 1967. But despite this, Joel did not let this get to him.

Growing up, Joel was interested in music. After he failed to graduate, Selvin moved to San Francisco and was hired by the San Francisco Chronicles to be a copy boy. While most of his childhood has been kept a secret from the public, we can safely say that no matter the hardships Selvin had during his childhood, he never backed away from what he wanted to do.


Joel Selvin's career began in 1970 when he submitted his first review on the group Faces about their debut album First Step. This review was published in May and marked the beginning of a career that he would become well-known for. Later working as an assistant for critic John L. Wasserman, Joel started writing articles and one of his more infamous works include his review on Bob Dylan, Elvis and Ricky Nelson which was very well received.

Aside from being a music critic, Joel is also a writer and has written quite a few books. Some of his works like Altamont, Fare Thee Well, and Here Comes The Night is very well known among book lovers. Aside from these, Joel has written many other books which, while not being famous as some of the others, gather a huge audience as well. After almost 40 years, however, Joel finally decided to retire and the retirement party was held on May 26th of 2009.

Joel Selvin Net Worth and Earnings

As stated, Joel is a well-known character in the music industry and a great author as well. As such it goes without saying that Joel Selvin's net worth is quite high. While the exact amount is still under the curtains, Joel Selvin is expected to have a net worth of at least a few million. 

Joel Selvin earnings

Seeing how popular Joel Selvin is, and adding to that the number of celebs he has interviewed along with the sales of his book, this amount should come as no surprise. Well, according to Comparably, a music critic in the US earns somewhere between $10k-$270K per year. And looking at the popularity of Joel Selvin, one can expect him to earn somewhere around that range or even more than that. 

And since his books still have massive sales all over the world, we can expect an accurate figure along with an increase to be revealed very soon.


For a while, Joel Selvin's wife was the musical artist, Keta Bill. The couple was doing great in their relationship and soon, Joel Selvin's daughter, Carla was born. Sadly the marriage seemed to have some problems later on and the couple divorced not long after Carla was born.

Since then, it's not sure if Joel Selvin remained single or not. Plus it could be that Joel Selvin is in content with his wonderful lifestyle.


As mentioned, Joel is currently living a wonderful and peaceful life at his home in San Francisco. After his retirement, Joel decided to lay low and live a peaceful and comfortable lifestyle and it seems that fans are respectful of his wishes. At the moment, news of exactly how Joel Selvin spends his day has not been revealed, but it only because his fans respect his wishes for private life.

Joel Selvin life

Because of how loved Joel is by his fans, maybe one day Joel will decide to share his life. And how he spends his day to day activities at his home. But until then, we can be sure that Joel Selvin's life will not be overcrowded with fans and his peaceful life will not be snatched away from him.

Facts And Trivia

  • Has an old Twitter account with 419 followers.
  • A contributor to the non-profit organization, H.E.A.R.
  • He and his ex-wife were active in a rehabilitation center called Thunder Road.

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Published on 16 April, 2020

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