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BY CHIRAG Published on 08 June, 2020

Sean O'Malley is well-known as a fighter who often wins with a knock out. Image Source: Sean's Instagram.

Quick Wikis
Fact Value
Birth Name Sean O'Malley
Birth Day 10/24/1994
Birth place Helena, Montana, US
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Nationality American
Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Parents Dan O'Malley
Dating Partner Danya Gonzalez
Height 5' 11"
Weight 135 lbs
Eye color Black
Hair Color Brown

Sean O'Malley is a well-known mixed martial artist who competes in the UFC's Bantamweight division. A professional since 2013, Sean is someone who has managed to earn quite a bit of fame, even more so than some other well-known pro fighters.

Sean's success as a fighter is one that he has achieved through sheer hard work, and with some help from his trainers and the fans' support. It also goes with reason to say that there is a lot that there is to know about him. 

Childhood And Early Life

Born on the 24th of November in 1994, Sean was born in a small family. He was born and raised in Helena, Montana by his parents. It is also the place where Sean O'Malley's father Dan O'Malley, a retired narcotics officer, continues to live. As for Sean O'Malley's mother, at times she can't bear to watch her son fight in the octagon.

While still living in Helena, Sean started training in mixed martial artists at the age of 17. One of the rules that the coach presented was that no one was allowed to have a nickname until they completed at least six months of training. After this period, the coach gave him the nickname Sugar because he is "so sweet to watch" said the coach.

Since then, not only has Sean adopted the name, but he has even continued to work hard in martial arts and jiu-jitsu. It also goes to show that he was hard working in what he loved to do, as a kid, a teenager, and even now. Thus, Sean's story tells us that if we work hard for what we love, it surely comes true. 

Career And Sean O'Malley Net Worth 

As stated prior, Sean began training in mixed martial arts at the age of 17, at around 2011. He started his career as a fighter, however, roughly two years later in 2013 as a contestant in the amateur league. Out of the nine matches that he had been a part of, he lost only two of the matches, and that showed that he had quite the bit of promise as a fighter.

Sean O'Malley net worth

His mixed martial arts record, on the other hand, is one that has shocked a lot of UFC fans as extraordinary. In all the matches that he has been a part of till now, Sean has won every single one, with quite a few knockouts in the number. Seeing this success, it also goes to show that Sean has accumulated quite a bit of wealth. With his earnings per match being anywhere between $50K to $200K, his earnings have helped him accumulate quite a bit of wealth. Furthermore, he has also got a YouTube channel, which according to Social Blade, generates an estimated yearly amount ranging between $2.7K - $42.8K.

In fact, Sean O'Malley's net worth has been estimated to be between $500K to $700K which he has rightfully earned. He also has a podcast and streams games in his free time, from which he also earns a considerable amount of money.

Who Is Sean O'Malley's Girlfriend? Is He Dating?

Seeing that Sean is a great fighter, it is clear that many girls cheer on for him from the ring and from home, but there are also a great number of girls who hope to steal his heart away. Sadly for them, it would seem that a lucky girl has already managed to do so a few years back. That girl is Sean O'Malley's girlfriend Danya Gonzalez.

Sean O'Malley relationship

The couple has been in a relationship for a couple of years now and has often appeared in each other social media accounts. Danya is an independent hairstylist from Scottsdale/Phoenix, Arizona. A quick look at the pictures that they share of themselves together, shows that they have a deep connection and love each other quite a bit. They also spend the holidays together and make sure to spend as much free time they can together.

Problems With The USADA

At one point of time, Sean seemed to have been in a little trouble with the United States Anti-Doping Agency back in 2018. It was found out that Sean's body contained traces of Ostarine, which he had no idea managed to get in his body. He was consistently ruled for unintentional use and had problems with his daily life because he had no idea what he could eat and what he could not.

Sean O'Malley drugs

At that time, Sean had recently gotten off from his injuries which restrained him from fighting and it also broke his heart. While Sean was not penalized, he was not allowed to fight until the USADA had a firm grasp on the issue which ended up taking a whole year. This incident scarred Sean so much that he asked his manager to text "Don't worry" before calling or texting him, to know that there is nothing to be worried about.


At the moment, it seems that Sean is living a healthy lifestyle spending his time working out, training, and preparing for his fights. A quick scroll through the fighter's Instagram shows just how committed he is towards his training, as the majority of his posts involve his training, fights, or the time he spends with Danya.

It also shows that Sean is really careful about his body and works hard to make sure that his body is on tip-top shape. In the past, Sean followed a completely plant-based diet, but he has been incorporating meat in his meals for the past few years to make sure he receives all the nutrients needed for his body.

Sean's Love For Ink/Tattoos

Sean O'Malley also has a love for ink and even has three tattoos on his face. One is a star under his eye, the second is his nickname 'Suga' above his right eyebrow, and the third is the word 'breathe' written backward just under his hairline. He got this last tattoo after his suspension, and because he always has his hair tied to the back and looks at the mirror before a match, it helps him to remember to breathe. The star tattoo was, at one point in time, fake as he had decided to get a permanent one only when he actually becomes a star. Of course, Sean is a star now, and that tattoo, too, is permanent signifying that no one can take his position as a star away from him.

Sean O'Malley

He also has a huge colorful owl tattoo that runs across his chest, from shoulder to shoulder. Aside from these ones, he has several other tattoos all over his upper body including footprints, a hand with roses coiled around by a snake along with a few others over his arms and back. He also has several words inked onto him including Float like a butterfly sting like a bee, and Only God among a few more. All of these tattoos prove his love for ink and he will probably get a few more in the years to come that expresses his journey.

Facts And Trivia

  • He is an endorsed athlete of the sports company, Sanabul.
  • He is a big advocate for legalizing marijuana.
  • He loves dogs.

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