Who Was Freeda Foreman's Husband? Look At The Late Boxer's Love Life And Children

BY EWON Updated on 19 March, 2021

George Foreman's daughter, Freeda Foreman was also a professional boxer. Image Source: Social Media.

The late boxer, Freeda Foreman, was George Foreman's daughter with his ex-wife, Andrea Skeete. She was a former professional boxer who had followed her father's footsteps to pursue a career in boxing.

But she quit the boxing career after George reportedly paid her to stop. Talking about her personal life, Freeda Foreman was married to her husband with whom she had two children and were the grandparents to three as well.

Freeda Foreman's husband is not a familiar face you'd expect to see often in the limelight. So, without any further ado, let's know more about him and his personal life.

Freeda Foreman's Husband's Name Appears To Be Eric Carr

While many of us are still not sure who Freeda Foreman's husband is, many sources stated that the late boxer's partner is Eric Carr. But it's tough to confirm if Eric is the name of Freeda's husband. But to make it easy, let's call him by Eric only.

George Foreman III family

One of the sources also stated that he was born on Jan 26, 1972, to his parents Gwen Carr and Anthony Carr. Eric is not that famous as his late wife and his father-in-law, George Foreman.

He seems to be very private when it comes to his personal life. Eric probably is not a fan of the spotlight and public eye and seems to be living a subtle and low-key life. It's hard to know what he's been up to right now.

Father Of Two Daughters

After Freeda and Eric married each other, they became parents to two beautiful daughters. Carr is the father of two daughters he had with his deceased wife, Freeda.

He is also the grandfather of three adorable kids. Among his two daughters, one of them is named Justice Carr and is a mother of three. Well, let's hope that Eric is possibly doing great as a father and grandfather of the family.

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Just like Eric's low-profile life, he has managed to keep his children away from the media and cameras. The father and children look to be happy with how their life is heading at the moment.

Devastated After Freeda's Death

According to PEOPLE, George Foreman's daughter, Freeda Foreman passed away by apparent suicide on Mar 9, 2019, at the age of 42 in Houston, Texas. She was found unresponsive in her home by a family member. May she rest in peace in heaven.

The tragic news of the late boxer probably brought misery and despair in her husband's life. Similarly, the two daughters were also at the rock bottom after their mom left the world so early.

But Eric's mother-in-law, Andrea, and one of his daughters opened up to the media. Andrea said that she was very shocked, and it could be seen on her face as she talked about her daughter's death.

Eric's eldest daughter consoled her grandmom, but she also could not control herself and said with tears, "She defended me. She always defended me."

Even if Eric Carr and his family members were devastated, Eric did not come close to the media. Every member of the family misses Freeda Foreman and remembers her.

So, it was hard for Eric, his daughter, and the whole family to go through some rough patches of time. But in all, Freeda is probably looking after her family from the sky.

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Published on 09 August, 2020

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