Here Is What You Should Know About Sal Vulcano's Sister Jenna Vulcano

BY NIHAL BHANDARY Updated on 10 March, 2021

Jenna Vulcano is a medical receptionist and Tv actress. Photo Source: Twitter

Jenna Vulcano is a TV actress and comedian and the sister of truTv's Impractical Jokers' star, Sal Vulcano. She has made her appearance in a total of three episodes in the show, all of which involve her being seen in intimate and inappropriate situations with the other three jokers.

Sal's sister Jenna Vulcano was born on January 4, 1986, in New York to Sal Vulcano Sr. and Dianne Fernandez-Vulcano. Jenna's sisters Dana Vulcano and Kelly Ann aren't as into the media limelight as their brother Sal. Sal alongside his friends, Joe Gatto, Brian Quinn, and James Murray have performed together as comedians for years as members of the comedy troupe, The Tenderloins.

Prank Marriage: James Murray's Revenge 

Jenna gained fame through a show titled Impractical Jokers, which is based on four people, James, Sal, Brian, and Joe, pulling embarrassing and vengeful pranks on each other. In the final episode of Season 3, James Murray legally married Sal Vulcano's sister Jenna Vulcano in front of him. Like every standard wedding, the ex-couple exchanged the wedding vows in front of family, and friends and everything seemed quite reasonable until the marriage was annulled right after the honeymoon night. 

Prior to the ceremony, Sal was blindfolded and was forced to watch his sister's marriage. During the whole thing, he did not say a single word regarding the matter as his mouth was literally sealed with tape. Jenna Vulcano's ex-husband, Murray, clearly stated that this prank was revenge for his skydiving punishment given by Sal previously. We can't even begin to imagine how devasted Murray must have been with this vengeful act of marrying Sal's sister, which ended in a blink of an eye. However, Sal didn't back down and got his revenge on Murr for this prank exactly a season later.

First TV appearance and Before the Fame

Before the disastrous vengeful prank of annulling the marriage within one day by Jenna's ex-husband, James Murray, Jenna had already made her appearance on TV. In 2012, she made her first-ever appearance on Impractical Jokers with Joseph Gatto's sister in an episode called Strip High Five. And that followed two other episodes which are a bit inappropriate.

Jenna Vulcano job

According to Jenna's LinkedIn, she is a Medical Receptionist at Richmond University, which must grant her a good fortune. She used to work as a Med receptionist in Staten Island, New York, before appearing on TV. Combine her income from her job with the salary from Impractical Jokers, and we are pretty confident that Jenna Vulcano's net worth must be pretty grand as well.

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Published on 18 November, 2019

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