Who Is Marvis Frazier's Wife Daralyn Frazier? Any Children Together ?

BY SB Updated on 26 February, 2021

Marvis Frazier was together with his wife, Daralyn Frazier for around two decades. Image Source: Social Media.

Marvis Frazier, also known as the 'Little smoke' for being the son of legendary boxer smoking Joe Frazier, is a well-known name among the rings of boxing. From the legendary duels between Muhammad Ali and Joe to a much-hyped duel between Mike Tyson and Marvis, this family is full of boxing genes.

But today we are not talking about these once-in-a-lifetime fighters but something along the lines of the topic of interest- Marvis Frazier's wife, late Daralyn Frazier. A lot of people out there are eagerly interested to know about this star boxer's love life so without further ado let's breakdown the mysteries behind this loving former couple.

Who is Marvis Frazier's Wife Daralyn Frazier?

Born on September 12th, 1960, there is not much known about Daralyn's early life. Daralyn married Marvis in 1983. Marvis was the man who was trailing behind his father's legacy by chasing a dream to bring the title of heavyweight champion of the world back to the family. But his relatively short career ended mostly due to the humiliating defeat against boxing legends Larry Holmes and Mike Tyson. Marvis later entered the film industry as a producer.   

Marvis Frazier

There are not any insights regarding the relationship between the two but we can assume that they shared a healthy one given their time together. According to the inquirer, Marvis Frazier's wife Daralyn Frazier died in 2001 due to colon cancer at the age of 37. Although Marvis has appeared quite a lot in the film industry through documentaries, there is no information regarding his personal life and wife Daralyn Frazier.

Family And Children

The Frazier family is full of fighters, in an interview Marvis told he had a total of 10 siblings- 5 brothers and 5 sisters. All of whom grew together in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Among the siblings, Joe Frazier Jr, and Jacqui Frazier-Lyde were also professional boxers. After marrying Marvis, the things Daralyn did are under the curtain but we can assume she supported the family in every way possible- by being there for them whenever they needed her as a mother as well as a wife.

In almost two-decades-long journey together, Marvis and Daralyn had two daughters - Tamyra Frazier and Tiara Frazier. Along with the children, the two have three granddaughters. Daralyn was a loving wife and a great mother but sadly she couldn't be there much for her grandchildren. 

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Marvis Frazier's wife Daralyn Frazier must have been proud of the loving and caring family they had. During the difficult years for young Marvis after the thrashing defeat with Mike Tyson which ended in about 30 seconds, Daralyn was the emotional support to him. Regardless of his failure to lift the title of world heavyweight champion, Marvis was lucky to have such a loving wife and caring family.

Furthermore, according to the Inquirer, Marvis lived with his fiancee named Pamela Banks back in 2012 and is presumably married to her to date. The relationship Daralyn and Marvis shared is unknown, except the assumptions. Let's hope Marvis reveals some more things about the wonderful and caring wife he had. 

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Published on 09 August, 2020

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