Married For Just 4 Years, Who Is Nichelle Nichols' Ex-husband Duke Mondy?

BY SB Updated on 05 February, 2021

Nichelle Nichols's ex-husband Duke Mondy appeared in few movies. Image Source: Social Media.

Known for the role of Nyota Uhura in the popular science fiction in 'Star Trek: The Original Series,' and it's film sequels. Nichelle Nichols has been a long runner in the acting industry. Her role as Nyota was not just well-liked by the public but also revolutionary back then because African-American women were getting very few chances.

But today we are not talking about this legendary figure; rather, we will shed some limelight on Nichelle Nichols's ex-husband Duke Mondy. Nichelle, with her elegant and charming looks, could sway anyone's heart. But in this article, we will get to know more about the couple's relationship and dig deeper about them.

Who is Nichelle Nichols's Ex-husband, Duke Mondy?

Duke was Nichelle's second husband. She was previously married to Foster Johnson, with whom she also has a son named Kyle Johnsonwho also became an actor. It's pretty much unknown how she met Duke, but we can be almost sure that the two were destined to meet. According to IMDB, Duke has also made his appearance in the TV show 'It Takes Two' back in 1969.

Duke Mondy’s ex-wife Nichelle Nichols

Besides the fact that he is Nichelle Nichols's husband, there is not much info regarding him. He was also a musician, but there is hardly any info about his work. He also appeared alongside the Star Trek star in the cover of 1969's magazine 'Jet.' Duke and Nichelle were married for 4 years; they did not have any children, though. Kyle is Nichelles's only son and her caretaker. 

Where is Duke Mondy Now?

After his divorce with Nichelle in 1972, there is nothing known about him at all. Duke just vanished from the media. Michelle did not remarry and, although unlikely, so maybe the case for him. He is probably living his older days with his family and reminiscing about the wonderful time he spent with Nichols.

With this, it can be certain that, although Duke and Nichelle had their differences and couldn't continue their marriage, they definitely had a connection. Mondy also could have helped Nichelle to raise her son, Kyle, who was only a teenager back then. Even though we don't know much about their relationship, let's hope they had a good bond. 

Diagnosed with Dementia

Duke's ex-wife Nichelle Nichols was diagnosed with dementia back in 2018. The 87-year-old actress retired from attending any sort of conventional and event shortly after that. It was also revealed her son Kyle had tried to stop her from attending conventions from way earlier. She currently needs frequent medical supervision.

It may be surprising to know that she even has an asteroid named after her in her honor. This just shows how iconic and well-loved actress Duke Mondy's former partner is. We can definitely say that Duke Mondy was lucky to be married to her. Wherever he is now, he must be proud of what Nichelle has achieved over the years and heartbroken to see her lose the memories she shared with him. The only thing we can do is wait and see if we get to know more about him and pray for Michelle's good health. 

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Published on 27 August, 2020

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