Beanie Sigel Net Worth - Income And Earnings From His Career As A Rapper

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Beanie Sigel has amassed his fortune from his career as a rapper. Image Source: Getty Images.

With every passing year, something new is always popping up, and the hype for something new is always in the air. And while rap was introduced quite a while back, new styles of rap keeps the fans always on edge for new rap stars. One such star is Beanie Sigel.

With his debut album having released in the year 2000, Beanie Sigel's net worth is estimated at $100,000 and isn't as much as one would expect. Let's take a look at how Sigel managed to make his earnings and why it isn't as high as many others.

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Beanie Sigel Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As stated prior, Beanie Sigel has an estimated net worth of $100,000. While Beanie started his career and made his debut in 2000, his net worth is far less compared to that of some other rappers who started later than him. Despite this, he has a lot of loyal fans who truly understand the value of his music.

But people wonder why, despite his music being so popular, he has a low net worth. Let's find out what Beanie Sigel's sources of income are and why his wealth is low compared to other rappers.

Rap Career

As mentioned earlier, Beanie Sigel made his debut with the album The Truth, and his popularity from that alone was through the roofs. Some of Beanie's other popular albums include the following:

  • The Reason
  • In Beans We Trust
  • M.I.N.K.S
  • Alive On Arrival

These albums were very popular, and Beanie Sigel's income from them must have been a generous sum of money. Sadly, Sigel had decided to end his rap career in 2010 and had made his last appearance in Travis Barker's album, Can the Drummer Get Some.

Furthermore, a quick look through Sigel's Instagram also shows that Beanie Sigel has appeared in quite a few concerts. As such we can imagine Beanie Sigel's net worth to have a significant part of his earnings from all of these.

YouTube Channel

Like many well-known artists, Beanie also has his own verified YouTube channel called BeanieSigelVEVO, where he has around 612K subscribers as of now. The views on his videos are anywhere between a couple thousand up to a few million.

According to Social Blade, Beanie Sigel's income from his YouTube channel are ranged between $812 to $13K annually. In Beanie's net worth, this certainly plays quite the part, and maybe in due time, Beanie's earnings might increase.

Income From Merchandise

While most fans know about this fact, there are some fans who don't. The fact being Beanie Sigel having his own line of merch. While the merch only includes CDs and Vinyl, the sales seem to make up for the lack of variety. These items can be purchased online. Some of Beanie Sigel's merch includes the following:

  1. REASON CD                                                         $10.99
  2. Remember Them Days Vinyl Record                    $12.99
  3. Solution Vinyl Record                                            $28.49
  4. Truth CD                                                                $10.99

These items are not that expensive, but the sales make up for it as most of these products tend to go out of stock rather quickly and are kept as back-order.

Despite all these sources of income, why is Beanie Sigel's net worth such a less amount? Read more to find out.

Reason For Low Net Worth

Shortly after Beanie made his debut, charges against this rapper started piling up. Charged and arrested for several alleged cases and being shot twice on different occasions are the main reasons for the reduced net worth.

Beanie Sigel income

Even though there were several charges against the rapper, Beanie still has thousands of his loyal fans that continue to support him. Maybe soon, we will be able to see Beanie back up and this time earns way more wealth and fortune.


  • Has had several life-threatening injuries.
  • Was born in Philadelphia.
  • Is a proud father of his kids

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Published on 06 April, 2020

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