Joyner Lucas Net Worth - Earning From His Album Sales And Merch Sales

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Joyner Lucas Net Worth

Joyner Lucas is an amazing rapper with a great net worth. Image Source: Getty Images.

Birth Name Gary Maurice Lucas Jr.
Birth place Worcester, Massachusetts
Profession Rapper, Songwriter and Record Producer
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Leo
Hair Color Black

Ever since one is introduced to it, music becomes an inseparable part of one's life, and as such, these people become a fan of one or many artists and love their music. One of these great artists is none other than Joyner Lucas. As of now, Joyner Lucas' net worth is estimated to be pf a grand amount.

While Lucas' fans are fully supportive of him, they can't help but wonder how he managed to earn such a grand amount. If you want to know what Joyner Lucas' sources of income are, make sure to stick till the end.

Joyner Lucas Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As stated prior, Joyner Lucas a grand net worth, but seeing his recent popularity, we can imagine it be even more than that. Most of his wealth comes from his rap career, but this also means that there are some other sources from which Joyner makes his earnings, and fans want to know what these other sources of earnings are. If you are wondering the same, you don't have to go too far to find out the answer.

Earning As A Rapper

The main source of earning for any rapper is obviously his/her rap music, and the same can also be said about Joyner Lucas' sources of income. Having released his first album in 2015, Joyner has come a long way, and his music is quite popular among his fans. Some of Joyner Lucas' top songs and albums include:

  1. I love
  2. Devils Work
  3. I'm Not Racist
  4. Isis
  5. Just like You

Joyner Lucas' latest album, ADHD, was released on March 27th, 2020, and it quickly became a fan favorite. And according to HHNM, the album had a projection to sell 30K copies in its first week. 

Plus, seeing how popular Joyner's albums are, we can expect his earnings to be a grand sum as well.

Income From YouTube

In case you didn't already know, Joyner Lucas has his own YouTube channel with over 4.25 million subscribers as of now. According to Social Blade, Joyner Lucas' earnings from his YouTube channel is somewhere between $130K to $2 million a year.

Most of Lucas' videos have views of at least 10 million, while some have more than 38 million. This goes to show just how popular the rapper is and that Joyner Lucas' income from YouTube is nothing to scoff at. Looking at how fast Joyner is increasing the number of fans, this number is surely going to increase very soon

Earnings From His Merch

Lucas, being as famous as he is, has a lot of fans who cannot wait to adorn some fabulous Joyner Lucas merch, but sometimes they don't know where to go. In fact, they won't have to go anywhere and can just hop on to Joyner Lucas' website and collect some awesome merch from there. Some of the products available alongside their prices are presented below:

Product Price

The products have a wide range and are super popular among fans. As such, the sales of Lucas' merch help make a generous contribution to Joyner Lucas' net worth.


Born and raised in Worcester, Massachusetts, Joyner Lucas has lived a humble lifestyle and, despite earning such a grand amount, makes sure to not flaunt his wealth as much as other rap artists. However, he has recently shared his love for jewelry on his social media pages and has posted a few photos of him wearing heavy chains, bracelets, and rings.

Also, he recently mentioned about purchasing his dream mansion on an Instagram post.

Joyner Lucas Lifestyle.

He thanked his fans for their love and blessings and immense support and even promised to keep them posted about the massive purchase. This shows that, while he has earned a fortune from his music career, Joyner is still down to earth and credits his success to his listeners.

Generous Personality

Not only this, but Lucas has also shown that he never forgets about his upbringing and family. His purchase of a Mercedes and a Rolex for his father on his birthday shows his love for his family. The famous rapper shared pictures of the car, which costs between $94,250 to $235,600 and the customized Rolex, which cost him more than $20K and wished his father a happy birthday. Also, on Mother's Day, he gifted his mom with her own set of Rolex and showed his appreciation for her on Instagram.

This goes to show that despite Joyner Lucas' earnings being such a grand amount, he makes sure to never let it get to his head, and family is his first priority. With the millions he has earned in a short time, he loves to spoil his loved ones and also help others who are in need. This is also one of the reasons why his fans love him so much. Also, Joyner is not someone who considers himself to be the best and many a time mentions how he thinks highly of many other artists.


  • Joyner Lucas was born in Worcester, Massachusetts, on the 17th of August, 1988 to a white mother and a black father.
  • He shares a son, Joner Messiah Lucas, with Carmen Julissa Ayala and occasionally mentions him in his raps.
  • Joyner is influenced by many well-known artists but regards Eminem as his biggest musical influence.
  • His songs deal with the issue of mental health as well as other ugly parts of society like racism.
  • He was nominated for the Grammy Awards in 2019 in two categories.

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Published on 05 April, 2020

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