Israel Adesanya Net Worth - The Last Stylebender Earning Huge Pay From UFC

BY CHIRAG Updated on 25 December, 2020

israel Adesanya Net Worth
$2 Million

Israel Adesanya's net worth of $2 million includes his earnings from MMA fights and endorsement deals. Image Source: Israel Adesanya Instagram.

Birth Name Israel Mobolaji Adesanya
Birth place Lagos, Nigeria
Profession Mixed Martial Artist
Nationality New Zealand-Nigerian
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Hair Color Black

Israel Adesanya is a well-known mixed martial artist born in Nigeria and based in New Zealand. Ever since he emerged as the middleweight champion in the MMA, his fortune has grown so fast that now, Israel Adesanya's net worth has been estimated to be at a grand of $2 million. With how fast Israel's fortune has been growing, fans expect the amount to be doubled very soon, and it seems highly possible.

But there are also some fans who wonder how he managed to increase his wealth so fast. If you happen to have similar doubts regarding Israel Adesanya's wealth and fortune, make sure to read this article till the end to have these doubts cleared.

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Israel Adesanya's Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As mentioned prior, Israel Adesanya's net worth has recently been estimated to be at a grand of $2 million, which has constantly been rising ever since he emerged as the middleweight champion as a Mixed Martial Artist. Ever since Adesanya made his debut in the UFC on February 11th, 2018, not only his fortune, but even his fame has been on the rise with no intention of stopping any time soon.

To better understand all of this, let us take a look at Israel Adesanya's sources of income and how he managed to earn his $2 million fortune.

UFC Matches

As of now, Israel Adesanya has had a total of 19 matches ever since he made his debut in February of 2018, and has a record-breaking career score of 19-0. It goes without saying that this unbeatable win streak also played its part in earning the man his great fortune. Up until his match with Robert Whittaker for the UFC Middleweight championship, according to Essentially Sports, the MMA fighter's highest win was $190,000 when he fought against Anderson Silva. The Guardian, however, reported that the amount changed when he fought Whittaker when he earned a grand amount of $500K. He also earned the same amount in his last match with Yoel Romero.  

This shows that ever since he received his title, not only his fame, but Adesanya's earnings from matches have also grown considerably. And looking at the way the UFC fighter is moving forward, the amount may also see another rise in the near future.

Endorsement Deals

Most sports players usually have endorsement deals from top brands and companies and most UFC fighters have endorsement deals by Reebok. This is also true for Israel, but there are also some other brands that endorse the young MMA fighter. These are none other than Engage and Peak Milk. In the future, it is quite possible for more companies and brands to get in touch with Israel for endorsement deals, whether Israel chooses them or not, however, will sorely rely on him.

Nonetheless, if one were to say how much he has earned so far from the current deals, the amount is surely quite a lot, and it will likely continue to increase even more.

UFC Merch

Aside from his endorsement deals, Israel Adesanya, like most other UFC fighters, has his own line of official UFC merch which can be found on UFC's official merch store. These items are very popular and are sold pretty well. Here are some of the popular items available there along with the prices:

Product Price
UFC Legacy Championship Replica Belt $850
Israel Adesanya pendant 14K gold $1785
Israel Adesanya earring 14K gold $985
Israel Adesanya ring 14K gold $2835
Autographed Event Posters $350
Fight Night Walkout Hoodie Replica-Men $110

These are some of the items popular among hardcore fans willing to spend huge amounts of money for their favorite MMA fighter, but for those who only want basic merch, the site also offers merch like Tees, hoodies, caps, and full sleeves. Of course, seeing the demand for these items in the first place, it wouldn't take long for anyone to understand that Israel Adesanya's earnings from the sales are quite a bit, and are of significance when calculating his final wealth and net worth.


When it comes to some trends that have been as popular as ever, tattoos might as well be put in the first place. This is because, most celebrities, whether sports or elsewhere, usually have a few tattoos that make them stand out from the rest. And Israel has his own set of tattoos that make him unique. He has several tattoos on his upper body which include Deadpool, a Japanese dragon, the Naruto seal on his abdomen, and many more.

Israel Adesanya tattoos

All of these tattoos have significant meaning in his life and considering the numerous hours spent on them, they are quite worth it. Especially because of the huge amount that he must have spent on getting all those tattoos inked on him. But it seems that he likes them a lot and his fans can't think of Israel Adesanya without these tattoos either.

Plus going through the Last Stylebender's social media handle, one can easily see how luxuriously he is living. It looks like Adesanya owns some fancy supercars, and loves speed as well. And with his fierce performance in every match, one can expect Israel Adesanya's net worth to grow even more in the upcoming time.

Facts And Trivia

  • He once had a dog named Millionaire who is now inked on Israel.
  • His favorite character from Avatar: The Last Airbender is Toph Beifong.

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Published on 10 July, 2020

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