John Prine Net Worth - Look At The Singer's Income And Earning Source

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John Prine is a great musician with a huge sum of money for his net worth. Image Source: John's Instagram.

When we talk about music, there is one thing that fans will always agree upon, and that is the fact that music is magical. Bringing people closer together and enjoying them since long ago, people have always had one musician that they could look up to. And John Prine was one of them. 

Having started his musical career since the 1970s, John Prine's net worth had reached an astonishing $6 million and considering the fact that John Prine was one of the greatest singers, this amount shouldn't come as a surprise to many. However, fans cannot help but wonder how John had managed to earn such a great deal of money. Make sure to read this article till the end if you are wondering about the same.

John Prine Net Worth And Sources Of Income

As stated above, John Prine had an estimated net worth of $6 million, which he had gained from his career as a musician. However, it seems that this wasn't his only source of income. As such, fans want to know how John had managed to earn his riches and what his sources of income and earnings were.

If you are wondering the same and are looking for the answer, you don't have to go anywhere else. Just make sure to stick to the end to have your questions answered.

Income As A Musician

John prime started his musical career in 1971 with the release of his self-titled studio album. Discovered by Kris Kristofferson, John made sure to show his best, and he instantly became a huge hit among the masses. Since then, John had released several well-known albums that are still quite popular among music enthusiasts. Some of these albums alongside their prices are listed below:

  1. Sweet Revenge - (Vinyl: $20.89)
  2. The Tree of Forgiveness - (CD: $10.68)
  3. For Better, Or Worse - (CD: $10.72)
  4. Souvenirs - (CD: $12.21)

These albums are still some of the fan favorites and were even able to influence some popular musicians like Johnny Cash. As such, we can expect John Prine's net worth to have had a huge portion of his earnings from his musical career.

Earnings From Concerts & Tours

John Prine was a great musician who had been a part of several concerts. Ever since he began his musical career, concerts were something that became a part of his life. His music had also become so popular that John Prine was nicknamed the next Bob Dylan. John Prine had concerts almost every year, with thousands attending them. At one point in time, Bob Dylan himself attended one of John's concerts and confirmed that the nickname suited him.

John Prine music show

Seeing how popular John Prine's tours and concerts were and adding the fact the tickets to these concerts were sold almost immediately, we can expect his earnings from here to have been a generous sum of money. They must have surely added quite a bit to John Prine's net worth.

Owner Of His Own Record Label

John Prine's record label, Oh Boy Records is one that most music lovers know of as one of the best. However, when John opened it in 1984, he received quite a bit of criticism as a fool for not joining other well-established ones. However, it seems that all that criticism turned into praise as time moved on.

Now, this label is one that is respected among many musicians, and as such, we can expect John Prine's income from here to have been quite a bit. We can say that John Prine's net worth had a good percentage of his earnings from here.

Income From His Merch

If you didn't already know, John Prine had opened his own line of merch than fans can run over to his website and buy. These products are quite well known, and the sales are nothing short of amazing. Some of the items available at the online store include the following.

Items Price
John Prine Tee-Shirts $25.00
John Prine - Live on Soundstage 1980 (DVD) $20.00
Oh Boy Records Gift Card $10.00+

The items are desired by fans and often get sold out pretty quickly. If you don't want to wait too long for your turn on buying some John Prine merch, make sure to head over there quickly. Because of the growing sales, we can say that John Prine's income from his merch sales must have been quite a grand sum as well.

Income From YouTube

John Prine also had his own YouTube channel, where he has more than 71K subscribers as of now. According to Social Blade, John Prine's earnings from his channel were somewhere between $9.8K to $156.2K per year.   

Seeing how popular John Prine was, and the views on his videos that cross over a few million, we can expect John Prine's earnings to have been around the higher end of the estimated amount.


John Prine was a very outdoorsy person and, despite his age, was no less active than any teenager. John Prine lived in his $2.6 million Nashville home with his wonderful family and, despite his busy schedule, always managed to make time for his family.

Sadly, however, John Prine passed away on April 7th, 2020 while he was in the hospital after being observed with a few symptoms of COVID-19. Before his sad death, he was under wonderful treatment and had all of his fans supporting him through social media. While fans hoped that John would get better soon, it seems that the prayers may have fallen short. Nonetheless, fans are taking to social media to wish their condolences to John Prine's family. While John may no longer be with us, his fans will surely remember him by with his music.


  • During the Vietnam War, he was drafted into the Army where he served in Germany for two years.
  • He learned to play the guitar when he was 14.
  • First Singer to perform at the Library of Congress.

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Published on 07 April, 2020

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