What Is Lela Loren's Salary For Power? Also Know About Her Net Worth

BY NIHAL BHANDARY Updated on 12 March, 2021

Lela Loren's net worth is estimated to be $2 million. Photo Source: Getty Images.

Hard work takes you places and helps you achieve what you've set your mind to. Sometimes you've got to put a little effort, and other times, you've got to put the most valuable thing on the line. A career in acting wasn't what Loren envisioned, but she bega loving it gradually as she rolled in for acting classes. At the back of her head, she knew what she was doing was right since she spent several years waitressing while barely scoring a role or two in a year. And here we are; Loren is one of the most well-reputed and wealthy television stars in the industry. As of now, Lela Loren's net worth is estimated to be $2 million, thanks to her endless dedication, passion, and resilience.

Lela Loren was born on the 7th of May, 1980, in Sacramento, California, the U.S. to a Mexican mother and American father who is of Italian descent. She grew up alongside her older brother, Daniel Sharp, a chef. He makes one of the best meatballs in NYC, no overstatement. Loren graduated with a biology major and had always ambitioned to become a biologist. But later she would graduate with a B.A. in Theatre, and things took a whole new turn.

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Net Worth and Sources of Income

The gifted actress, Lela, has really struggled, sacrificed, and given her best in the face of adversity, which is exactly the reason she has snagged such a well-established place in the showbiz department. Piling up her popularity and net worth in the upcoming future, she is bound to reach even more lofty heights, professionally. Lola Loren's net worth as of now, clocks in at a staggering $2 million, thanks to her repetitive roles in big series.

Income from Television Series

One thing is quite apparent; most of Lela Loren's earnings come from her extensive and lucrative time in the television department. An actress of that high caliber and talent is certainly going to land promising roles.

Lela Loren Power salary, net worth 2020

The American crime drama series, Power, provided Lela with a profitable platform and propelled her to brilliant heights. Starring in the series for 63 episodes, back to back alongside Omari Hardwick, Joseph Sikora, and other huge stars, the elegant actress quickly gained international prominence. Now taking into consideration the fact that one of her co-stars, Michael Rainey Jr, pulls in a hefty $45K an episode, we are pretty confident that Lela Loren's salary from Starz Originals' Power must be a tremendous amount too.

But this isn't the only series she has stepped in. Prior to this, Lela Loren has starred in series like H+, Gang Related, Altered Carbon, Bull, and a couple more, which we can assume has served Lela Loren's salary & fortune well.

Income from Movies

Lela is undoubtedly a proficient television actress, and her earnings have been backed significantly from the roles she has grabbed. But, she has also prospered extremely well in the movie department.

Lela Loren movies, income

One of the highest-earning movies she has been a part of is The Hangover Part III which grabbed a whopping $362 million in box office collections. Next to that, Loren's other movies, including Snitch, The Reunion, and Reign Over Me, have gathered immense fortune too. We bet, Lela Loren's net worth spiked up after receiving her fair share of income from the gross revenue of these incredible movies.


One thing we've gathered from skimming through Lela Loren's Instagram is that although she is an active social media account user, she rarely mentions or posts anything about her personal life. This includes Loren's love life. She seems like a very secretive person or maybe just not a big fan of paparazzi.

Lela Loren Instagram, boyfriend

However, the gorgeous actress is seen posting pictures of herself going to premiers, and the fashionista also seemingly loves to travel. As the years go by, more roles are certain to land in the bucket, and Lela Loren's net worth is sure to rack up.

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Published on 02 February, 2020

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