Max Holloway Net Worth - How Much Does The Blessed One Earn Per Matches

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Max Holloway Net Worth
$2 Million

Max Holloway's net worth of $2 million from his career as an MMA fighter. Image Source: Instagram/ Max Holloway Instagram.

Birth Name Jerome Max Keli'i Holloway
Birth place Waianae, Hawaii
Profession Mixed Martial Artist Fighter
Nationality American
Zodiac Sign Sagittarius
Hair Color Black

Max Holloway is a well-known mixed martial artist who competes in UFC's matches and is in the top rankings. Ever since he started competing in the lightweight division in 2010, Max quickly started gaining both fans, fame, and fortune. During his career, the fighter's wealth increased exponentially as well. So much so that at the moment, Max Holloway's net worth has been estimated to be at $2 million.

Let's take a look at how he managed to make so much money and what he does with it.

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Max Holloway Net Worth And Sources Of Income

Max Holloway is a well-known mixed martial artist. And as stated prior, Max Holloway's net worth is currently estimated at a grand of $2 million which he has earned through his career as an MMA fighter in the UFC. He started taking part in the lightweight division of the UFC in 2010 at the age of 19, and with a record of 4-0, he quickly became a fan favorite.

Since then, Max's career has helped him grow and move forward. But how much has he earned throughout his career and what has he done with all his fortune? Read the article till the end if you want to find out.

Lightweight Career

As stated prior, Max Holloway started his career back in 2010 in the UFC Lightweight division. He was the youngest in the roster but his skills were on par with the rest, if not better. He started his lightweight career in September of 2010 and had four matches up until July of 2011, all of which he had won.

Max Holloway fighting

During this career, because he was still just a beginner, his total income from the four matches was no more than $20,000 for showing up, but with his wins, he has been said to have won close to $50,000 in the four matches.

Featherweight Career

After his final match in the lightweight division, Max made his debut in the featherweight division in February of 2012 in UFC 143. According to The Sports Daily, he received $6,000 for showing up but did not win anymore because of his loss. He received the same amount again for the TUF 15 Finale and received another $6K for winning the match. In the next few matches, he received $20K, $24K, $14K, and $14K respectively, in which the last two matches were a loss.

Max Holloway then received his biggest pay yet in January of 2014 when he won against Will Chope in the UFC Fight Night: Saffiedine vs Lim where he won a total of $78K which included a KO bonus of $50,000. In the next two matches, he won $34K and $40K respectively before making another $100K in October of 2014 where he had also won the Performance of the Night and included his bonus of $50,000. His next matches were nothing but all wins and his earnings were also nothing short.

Max Holloway's earnings for the next few years per match were $60K, $120K, $90K, $100K, $160K, $260K, $410K, $340K, and $490K respectively. All of these matches were wins, but he then faced his first loss in years in April of 2019 where he faced off against Dustin Poirier in UFC 236. But even in this match, he had earned a grand amount of  $440K which included $350K for showing up, $40K fight week incentive, and a $50K bonus of the Fight Of The Night.

Max Holloway career

Max won the next match against Frankie Edgar and won $390K before losing his final match in December of 2019 against Alexander Volkanovski where he received another $390K losing his UFC Featherweight championship. It has been said that he will be fighting Volkanovski again on July 11th of 2020, in which case, he will likely be earning more money. Thus, in total, Max Holloway's income from his UFC Featherweight career as of now is at a total of $3,592,000.

And if he wins the upcoming match, then Max Holloway's net worth will surely take a hike.

Official And UFC Merch

When you have millions of fans cheering on for you, you also have an equally large number wanting merch related to you. And Max Holloway took this idea and introduced his fans to his official merch. The store features tees, hoodies, caps, and masks and is all popular among the fans. If you happen to be interested in them, here is a table listing some of the products available for purchase:

Product Price
#Blessed Hoodie $50
#Blessed Tee $30
Racer Long Sleeve $35
Origin Snapback $30
Autograph Face Mask $25

These are all products very popular among fans and because of the demand, don't take too long to get sold out but are restocked as soon as possible. But what if you want a different design and something related to UFC? Well, there is no need to worry as UFC themselves have a separate merch store for their fighters, and it also includes Max Holloway. The prices are similar with respect to Max's merch and they too have quite the variety. They also offer some signed tees by Max himself. Of course, these are limited items though, and based on the item, may or may not get restocked.

Thus, taking the popularity into account, and the often changing products, we can expect Max Holloway's income from the sales to be impressive and to have taken an important part in Max Holloway's net worth.


It seems getting inked has become a trend now, seeing as to how most celebs tend to get them every so often. And Max Holloway has his own set of wonderful tattoos running across his back chest and arm. On his chest, Max used to have only the name Jesus, but it has since been decorated with Polynesian tattoos that surround it. He also has his own name tattooed on his stomach.

Aside from these ones, Max also has wings tattooed on his back, one being an angel wing, while the other being a demon wing. He also has the same kind of Polynesian tattoos across his right arm similar to one on his chest. All of these tattoos look very powerful but one thing that other ink fans look at is the numerous hours it would have taken to get all of those tattoos done, and the hefty price tag that might have come with it.

Max Holloway

But if one were to see just how powerful it makes Max look, one may think that it was worth it, at least for him, anyways.


Aside from earning money from himself, Max is also the kind of person who earns money for others. Max has taken part in charity events and has donated thousands to the needy. And at one point in time, he gifted his signed gloves to Dustin Poirier for his charity to help raise money to build a playground for special needs children.

More recently, Max tweeted out that he is going to auction off his entire fight kit in order to raise money and help the food banks in Hawaii. His decision to do so was inspired by Dustin Poirier and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who had done the same thing. This goes to show that he is not only a man with great skill in MMA fighting, but he is also a man with a great sense of generosity in his golden heart.

Facts And Trivia

  • Max was born on December 4th of 1991.
  • He has over 2.1 million followers on Instagram as of now.
  • He has a son named Rush Holloway.

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Published on 09 July, 2020

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